Police arrest bust robbers inside Microsoft store after others flee NYPD

A trio of NYPD cops were seen gathering a looter at the Midwan Microsoft store – but not before dozens of young men set out on a journey with a handful of valuable electronics.

The 5th Avenue store near East 53rd Street was one of many businesses targeted by young, targeted looters targeted Monday night.

The crew went to work in electronics after their expected leader, riding a Revel motorized scooter called “Microscope Store!” About 9 o’clock

From there, as a Post Reporter eyewitness, a pair of young men appeared dressed in cowboys, and in a few minutes protected the windows of the storefront with plywood.

An NYPD police pulled up the police car and chased the two young men, rushing to the store for a dozen more people, offering access through its broken front entrance.

Reeve’s man shouted, “Get that money,” as the robbers ruled the store for about ten minutes before a trio of NYPD police members arrived from a back entrance.

Once the officers are identified, some in the group shout, “Go, police!” And most have run out.

But police were able to arrest a Strawberry.

While the officers were fighting the young man, some in the group, who stood in front to watch the fight, raised the idea of ​​helping their friend.

“Yeah, let’s go. One heard him say.

Shortly after the theft, NYPD Chief of Department Ternis Manahan visited the store.

A few hours ago, Manohan demonstrated to the protesters to stop the violence, a splinter group of mainly young men and women among the protesters took place.

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