Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck

Hundreds of people gathered in Santa Cruz, California, on Saturday to kneel in memory of George Floyd – including police chief Andy Mills.

Mills posted a picture of himself from the protest, with the comment, “A small part of a very peaceful protest. Black Lives Door Matter.”

The chief had earlier issued a message to local residents about the death of George Floyd – condemning former policeman Derek Chauvin.

“Chauvin’s actions and those around him are in opposition to what we see as good policing. Other officials had a responsibility to stop these violent attacks and stop them, and they failed. ” Mills Dr..

Santa Cruz police posted the powerful image With sincere captions on Instagram – which has received praise from followers.

“SCPD is a staunch supporter of peaceful protests in the city of Santa Cruz – and we always keep them safe,” the department wrote.

Protesters walk to their knees today as they marched through Harlem during a solidarity rally for George Floyd.
Protesters today took to their knees as they marched through Harlem during a solidarity rally for George Floyd.P

Mills has made a number of statements in the past few days criticizing police involved in Floyd’s death.

“If a police officer sees a police officer walking on his neck, he is out of breath, will they wait for an arrest? How is it different? ” Mills tweeted.

Mill’s comments came as police across the country cracked down on protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and even drove them in squad vehicles.

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