Prithviraj al completes the institutional quarantine without the home quarantine of the day

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s seven-day official quarantine ended on Friday, May 29th. For the next seven days, he will remain home quarantine.

Prithviraj Sukumaran has completed the institutional quarantine of the day.Instagram

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The Malayalam actor has given the latest update on his Facebook page to end his institutional quarantine. He posted, “The institutional quarantine of my days is ending today. Now the home quarantine is for the next days. A huge thank you to the Old Harbor Hotel in Kochi, India and its highly trained staff for their hospitality and care.

PS: For all those who are already going home quarantine, remember, going home does not mean the end of your period. Strictly comply with all individual regulations and ensure that no person from the high-risk population is at home as determined by the authorities. .[sic]”

50 members are stranded in Jordan
The actor and his half-hundred-member cast and crew of the upcoming Malayalam film Adujivitham were stranded in a desert camp in Jordan after Kovid-19 started on March 12. They were recently flown to the country on a special flight as part of the India Mission to the Center.

Adujivitham is a survival drama, written and directed by Blessy. This is a screen adaptation of Benjamin’s book of the same name. He has teamed up with Amla Paul in Flack, starring Vinith Srinivasan, Aparna Balamurali, Lakshmi Sharma and others.

Prithviraj Sukumaran

Prithviraj Sukumaran.Prithviraj Sukumaran Facebook

Prithviraj has undergone physical transformation for the role of migrant worker in Saudi. He recently shared a picture of his raw body and wrote, “When we finished the last scene of #Adujibitham’s naked body a month later, on the last day I had dangerously low fat percentages and visceral fat levels .Once a month of fuel, rest and training my body Got it here.

I guess my crew who saw me a month ago when I was my weakest and the ways to go below my ideal weight would be really surprising. Thanks to Ajith Babu for understanding my trainer / nutritionist and Ashirwad Chetan and team “this” day, I need to plan to shoot with enough time allotted for my recovery. Remember .. human body has boundaries .. human mind does not! Dulquer Salman # TrainingDone. [sic]”

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