Priyadarshi’s Lodger ZEE5 became the most watched southern show

ZEE 5’s Lodger, starring Priyadarshi, Annie, Kalpika and Shashank, is a sports drama set between 1980 and 2000. It tells the story of 3 players and their fights in their respective games.

Director Avilash said, “We all know a lot about cricket and badminton. However, the audience doesn’t know much about air rifle shooting. I know how to fight it because of a friend of mine. I developed this script inspired by what I saw. Heard it, immediately liked it as well as included the actor and the rest of the members While many asked me if it took me a year to write the story, the truth is I only took three months.Shravan also worked with me on the story knowingly. It’s great that the show is going great on ZE5. “

The loserPR handout

“It’s the screenplay that guided me. I was a little nervous about playing the role of a rifle shooter, but in the end I threw it away. Everyone played a great role in making ‘Loser’ happen,” said Priyadarshi. Trained in rifle shooting for. The team carried me on their shoulders. Sriram also gave great music and background scores. We learned that it performed well on ZEE 5 and is still going to be a favorite. “

Shashank, who played Wilson in Los Angeles, said, “I had to work hard to get the character. The director was very clear about what he wanted from me. I trained him in bowling for three months to get the character’s body language and behavior right. I had to run 8kg. I had to put up 16-18kg to play the big Wilson. The two Wilsons played two months apart. It was a great experience. Thanks to the whole team and our spectators, the real winners. “

Annie, who played Ruby in the series, said, “The thing I like most about the script is my character’s determination to play for the country. I immediately connected with it. This is my first web series and I’ve been wanting this for a long time. Everyone gave their best in terms of performance. Many girls are texting me on Instagram after watching ‘Hand’, they see themselves in Ruby. Many of them can hope that they could do something in their life too. It feels great.

The loser

The loserPR handout

Starring the older version of Ruby, Kalpika Ganesha said, “Women face a number of obstacles since childhood. Some discuss their struggles, others do not. I believe everyone has to believe in their talents. I hear a lot of athletes. Tell them the kind of fight they faced in Ruby Lodger they had to go too. “

Pavani Gangirdi, who played Pallavi, said, “It was an amazing experience to play in a web series. Pallavi is soft by nature, but when the time came, he stood up. That’s why I was able to relate to the character. For the first time in 15 years, his personal story was revealed to me. That ‘lost’ is the emotional connection that established it. “

Komali Prasad, who played the role of Asha, said, “After losing, I was called Asha. I had doubts about whether I would be able to play the role. Abhilasha told me that I was her hope. I believed her and went according to her verdict. Every female character.” The series captures the essence of women’s self-sacrifice. “

The loser

The loserPR handout

Music director Sriram said, “I thank Abhilasha, JDE5, Annapurna Studios, Spectrum Media Network and my team. Only because of them was this kind of quality possible. The director and I would brainstorm for hours before the tune came in. After deciding not to, we will go for the melody

Cinematographer Naresh, Annapurna Studio creative producer Mahesh, executive producer Chandra and others also participated in the webinar.

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