Prominent liberals on Twitter should also fact-check tweets

This week, for the first time, Twitter has “truth-checked” one of President Trump’s views and directed users to coverage from a signal of fairness and purposefulness, CNN (don’t laugh).

Earlier this month, Twitter announced the launch of the new feature. The goal, the two workers wrote, is to “make it easier to find credible information” and to stabilize the flow of “misleading content.”

But I wonder: will the platform add links to “fact-check” labels and prominent liberal tweets that have been proven to be “misleading” or completely false?

Start with a 2017 tweets from CNN contributors Anna Navarro claims that an “Ivanka fund has received million 100 million in pledges from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

Fact: Cash went to a World Bank initiative for women entrepreneurs. Navarro’s tweet has collected more than 43,000 retweets.

Or how is 2019 Tweet from actress Nancy Lee Grahan That featured pictures of immigrant children in a border detention center and allegations against Tim Trump for child abuse? As mentioned across the internet, Grahan’s photo timestamp was removed: 2015 anyway it collected about 50,000 retweets.

Then there was Rachel Maddo’s blog claims 2018 The White House has “edited the video of the President’s Helsinki press conference to remove” Russian President Vladimir Putin. [a] The question is whether [he] Trump wanted to win. The Washington Post and countless other outlets have dropped the claim, but tweets with 24,000 retweets are still running – and no Twitter warning labels.

In January 2019, former President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, joined thousands of other members of the Blue-Czech on Twitter. An underlying Twitter touting BuzzFeed News Exposure é “It’s Big,” McFaul wrote, “President Trump instructed his attorney to lie to Congress.”

Yes, big – and false: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team was quick to point out the story as inaccurate, and its report made it clear that the President had done nothing of the sort. There’s no Twitter “fact-check” risk for McFaul, though, and so on.

Lawrence Tribe of Harvard Law Professor and # Resistance Icon in December 2017 Ask his followers “Like me, retweet Christopher Steele Dacia if you don’t know anything about what has been shown to be a lie.”

Finally, in a local note: Of course, if a tweet posed a health risk, it was City Councilman Mark Levine’s February Invite the Gothamites “Denies coronavirus” to celebrate Lunar New Year in Chinatown: “If you’re away, you’re missing out!”

Sohrab Ahmari is the op-ed editor of the post.

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