Protests erupted in support of the impeachment of Mayor Bill de Blasio

Critics of Mayor Bill de Blasio are promoting an old, fictitious petition His call for impeachment Amidst the riots and looting in the city in protest of the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Online Petition – “Imphek de Blasio” – received more than 20,000,000 signatures on Tuesday night. Organizers are looking for 75,000 supporters.

The petition was launched last year but thousands of people have signed the petition since the city sparked controversy due to protests that sparked clashes between participants and police officers and led to reports of retail store vandalism and property damage.

But critics are only trying to dissuade them. De Blasio will not be cursed.

He is term-limited and will end his term at the end of 2021.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio is destroying New York City. We can’t continue him as mayor for the next two years. People in NY want change and now it’s time to act before it gets worse. It’s not about the Conservatives, the Left, etc. It’s about the extremist politics that are hurting the city and neglecting New Yorkers, ”the petition said.

“Is crime less? Yes! It may appear that way because the police can’t do their job. He put an end to stops and frisks, ”the petition said.

One indication that the petition is being reconsidered is the mention that de Blasio is running for president. He began his presidential campaign last September.

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