Queen Elizabeth first appeared from the Carnavirus lockdown

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the UN Headquarters on September 27, 2019 in New York City. Draw Anger / Getty Images

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to ease the country’s nationwide lockdown from Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for caution and caution, including the use of face masks and maintaining social distance between the people.

With his monthly radio address, Modi praised India’s response to Kovid-19, especially in light of its huge population. India is the second most populous country in the world after China.

The country has endured hardships, but everyone is determined to continue to manage it, Modi said.

He praised charitable groups, including NGOs and voluntary organizations, saying that the commitment to serve the needy was part of India’s ethics and that the country had shown it, especially in the midst of an epidemic.

Modi spoke Immigrant crisis The country, which has faced a nationwide lockdown, said no section of the country was deterred by the current situation. Immigrants, poor people and workers have suffered the most.

Victory over the coronavirus epidemic will also depend on innovation, Modi said. He added that the coronavirus has a long way to go and the world has never experienced this before.

He also mentioned other recent crises that affected nationalism as well Hurricane Amphan And the locusts promised all possible assistance to the waterloggers and the victims.

India’s home ministry has issued a three-step plan to lift the current lockdown restrictions starting Monday.

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