‘Rajinikanth has tested positive for Corona,’ Rohit Roy joked; The actor is clear

As the coronavirus continues to lock people inside their homes across the country, Bollywood celebrities are doing something to entertain their fans by spreading the challenge of tackling social distances. But actor Rohit Roy has a unique way of making people smile.

Rohit is quite active on social media and keeps posting about current issues, peeking into his personal life and can go a bit ridiculous. He recently posted a Rajinikanth joke about the ongoing epidemic saying that the superstar tested positive for the coronavirus and then Corona had to go into isolation.

Rajinikanth, Rohit RoyInstagram

“Rajinikanth has checked for Corona. Corona is now quarantined” Rohit Roy posted the joke on his Instagram. He also posted a caption saying, “Let’s get out of the corona! Be safe when you get back to work! Wear your mask and sanitize as many times a day as possible, as much as possible … The virus can affect us if we don’t get it No!

Even though it sounds funny like a normal Rajinikanth joke, many people find it sensitive and took it in a bad taste.

The joke went wrong

However, Rohit was quick to point out that it was a common Rajinikanth joke that meant people laughing and doing well while under house arrest.

“Boys chill … don’t be so morose! A joke is a joke .. and sorry I don’t think it’s a bad taste .. it’s a normal night joke sir .. and my intention is to make you guys laugh .. you comment Look at the intention before you start .. At least I didn’t make a joke that all of you are posting intentional messages to hurt me, “Rohit Roy made it clear in a comment in his post.

Rohit Roy

Rohit RoyInstagram

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