Rashmika Mandanna’s question on changing her name: Here are fans’ suggestions

Actress Rashmika Mandanna has been flooded with thousands of suggestions after she asked a fun question to her fans if she had to change her name, what they would want the name to be.

Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most sought-after Telugu actresses. Started her acting career in Sandalwood, her success graph and popularity has grown to a very high in a very short span of time She has 1.5 million followers on her Twitter page and she often interacts with her followers.

Rashmika MandannaTwitter

The actress, who is basking in on the success of Sarileru Neekevvaru, took to her Twitter account on May 20 to ask a crazy question to her followers. Rashmika Mandanna tweeted, “Fun question: if I had to change my name – what would you want it to be? Be nice now!

Rashmika Mandanna’s tweet received an overwhelming response as it has got over 6,600 replies, nearly 2,000 retweets, and around 30,000 likes. The majority of fans, who replied to her, said that her present name is good and she should not change it. But other fans of the actress suggested names like Rosy, Lilly, jasmine, Geetha, Parvathi, Khushi, Radha, Sitara, and Suma.

Here are some of Rashmika Mandanna’s fans’ replies to her:

Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika MandannaTwitter

Sanjay @Sanjay77341639

Geetha l like very much

Rashmika Family❤ @RashmikaHearts

Please change your name to Lilly Perfect name for you

Vivek Patel @vivek_patel_45

Lilly Is Forever #MajorCrush #RashmikaMandanna #Rosh

Rashmika Fans @RashmikaFans

Lilly/ Minnu @iamRashmika 🙂

Rashmika Mandanna @RashmikaTFC

Lilly❤ @iamRashmika

Rashmika AntePranum @rashmikaheart

My goddess @iamRashmika Ur most beautiful than a rose, Rosy, Lilly, jasmine, these are best suits for u my goddess @iamRashmika #RashmikaMandanna My goddess @iamRashmika You are really cute, preetiest angel in the world, i have never seen u type of beauty, i prefer tripura sundari,

Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika MandannaCollage of photos taken from social media

Sagar Kamble @IamSKtashan

“Expression Queen” is good name for you

ℝ @rashu_mam

Khushi name is perfect for you because you always makes smile to people’s with your one smile. And i also have some attachment to this name so its ok for you Star-struck

Rashmika die heart fan @iamrashmika5

Radha because my name is Hari Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

Citizen @KiranJayasa

Ms What about “SHMIDA” ?which is derived from ra[SHMI]ka man[DA]nna Consider this #SHMIDA as like a pen name Hope to see somewhat literature work from your end Handshake

Rashmika Singh @Rashmika__Singh

Short Name – Rashh Full Name – Which you want Please tell us Folded handsFolded handsFolded hands @iamRashmika

Vivek_vardhan @Vivekva07038881

I will suggest u the name as parvathi. Becoz ur my life and u should wanna be like parvathi Devi. So I preffer u this name..with lots of loveFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss

Manas Kumar Mishra @manasmkm

Dear @iamRashmika

mam i would call you “Rascharm” but you don’t need to change your name as your name only means “ray of light” which gives hope. Seeing you in real life would be more delightful for me. BTW where are you now mam.

tejas.madworks @MadworksTejas

CHARISHMIKA (Charisma+Rashmika)

Akash @Akash_S13

Please make your Instagram name or Twitter name as akash. There was this prank and they tricked me into keeping my favorite actress name as my name and I kept yours and you cant change your name for 14 days on insta . It would be nice if even for a few hours you kept my name.


Your name is very good. But if you you want to change your name then I suggest you these two name – “Alokbartika Mandanna ” or “Debadrita Mandanna.”Slightly smiling faceSlightly smiling face

Nikhil Surya @NikhilS79422727

IN Case ur changing name. Please keep SITARA

Suma @Suma96201955

“Suma” it’s natural name madam ani languages are compertable

Riyazuddin @Riyazud72978028

Rashmika is only name which may not replace by any other name

Madhu Sudhan 143 @MadhuSu44977101

No need to change the name…Ur name is so beautiful…

Abhay Dhuriya @AbhayDhuriya8

You are not change your name because your name is very nice and love you

Sandeep pathak @Pathaksandeep51

Your name is already best. Suits you.

AVL Narayana @AVLNarayana2

Basically nothing in name, the focus and confidence within you driven to here, Pls maintain the same as far as you can…

Ramesh Arvind @Ramesharvind07

Better don’t change….live where you grown, growing


Rashmika is super naa don’t change your name plss akka

Hιɾƚԋιƙ RαUʂԋAɳ @HirtthikR

No mam your name is lovely nyc please don’t change……mam

Soham_Kadam @sohamKa56245526

Rashmika is the best name for you and you deserve that name

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