Restore the beginnings of the archipelago: ‘Oh my God’

I don’t care how many times you’ve heard the story. It never gets old. It will never grow old. All those pages in the included calendar must have been false. Because it couldn’t be 40 years ago. It must have been yesterday when …

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to go back to Philly, I don’t want to go back to Philly for Game 7,'” Bobby Bourne said to our acquaintances last week. “I knew what happened to us in the Game of Thrones 19 Kate when Kate Smith came on the ice for the music and Gary Dornheifer scored from the redline and we just blew a two-goal lead in the third period and I think Syndrome, ‘We can not go back, we can not keep away from it. “

“But, you know, Bobby pulled out a scalpel and carved a groove in his stick. And it was, ‘OK, let’s go! Let’s do it! ‘ “

Not yesterday, when Bob Nistrom took a scalpel from the medical room and made a groove in his stick before the game of overtime against the Flyers, the Islanders were one goal away from winning the Stanley Cup. They went up 4-2 after the second period. They won 4-4 after finishing third.

This is 40 years before May 24, 1980.

“I just wanted to be calm. I was happy as hell after the second period and was dumped down in the third. I was trying to calm down, ”Nystrom said Friday. “I scored in it before the playoffs [Game 2 of the semis in Buffalo] And then a groove was made on my stick. So I did it again. There were some symbols.

“It gave me confidence that I’m going to get it done and we’re going to get it done.”

The Islanders were knocked out of the playoffs by Maple Leafs in 1988 after winning the Patrick Division title for the first time, and their Rangers were disappointed in New York’s famous 199 Battle of the Battle after their first overall victory in the NHL. Born in 1972, the franchise came so fast and so fast – the team beat the Penguins 3-0 to beat the Penguins 3-0 in the 2013 Cup Semis Game of Thrones, after scoring 0-11 in the OT at JP Paris Garden. Game 7 was forced to force Spectrum against the Flyers 3-0. But the team had a fatal flaw.

Well, two of them. They lacked a legitimate second-line center (and thus second-line) who could succeed in the playoffs and relieve some of the pressure on Brian Trottiar and Mike Bassey. And they felt there was a lack of big game resolution and championship perseverance. They scored a goal in the Elimination game against Toronto and were defeated in the OT in Game 7 of the Coliseum. They scored a goal in the garden in the elimination game against the Rangers the following year. They will be beaten to the post from the pillars.

And then came Buchi and Boston.

If you don’t want to count the Red Sox by selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1920, General Manager Bill Terry could never have done more franchise-reshuffling business than getting Bach Gিংring in the 1920s for the franchise in the 1920s. Dear sons Billy Harris and Dave Lewis. The Islanders played terribly for most of the 19-9 Hangover season, leading 4-6-1 in the 13 games immediately before the deadline, and 31-28-9 when Terry pulled the trigger on the contract. They were able to go the rest of the way 8-0-4.

“I think we may lack maturity or confidence in using our skills,” Dennis Potvin, who missed half a year of broken fingers, said last week. “I will never forget, Buchi was across the dressing room from me and she was never shy, and one of her first words was, ‘You [bleeping] Guys don’t know how good you are. ’He was an experienced and mature boy. He gave us confidence. He brought an attitude. This is what he brought. ”

Before Clark Gilles-Trotier-Bosi centered Bourne and Anders Kallur in the second line behind the unit Goring, Trotiar recorded 27 points (five goals, 22 assists) in 42 playoff games. After Goring, Trottier posted 107 points (37-70) in 755 games for the next four runs. Bosi, who recorded 12 points (8-4) in 17 playoffs before coming to Goring, then went 61-50-111 in 72 games between 1980 and 1983.

But Goring had more. Much more. Let’s call it Nystrom.

Of the island
Bobby Nystrom jumped into the air after scoring an overtime win against the Flyers.Getty Images

Number 23 said, “I think about all the time I’ve been after the shift and I’m going to be frustrated or hyper, and Buchi will be on my back bench and he’ll rub my back, calm me down and tell me I’ll get them next time.”

“You don’t know what that means to me.”

So the islanders had a missing link to a second-line center, but the fight was still a matter of strength. The team stepped back after the 1979 defeat in 1979 and added Dave Langevin, who spent the first three years of his career with WHA Oilers – doing business for Gord Lane in Washington and later signed Ken Moore immediately. After he won the Miracle Gold Medal at Lake Placid.

Still, after a 3-1 win in the top five of Kingston’s top five preliminary rounds, Moore’s self-defense in the game against the big, bad Bruins went to Boston after the first opening split in Game 3, where there were questions about the islands’ involvement. They will be informed of the challenge.

“You went to Boston Gardens in those days, you knew what you knew,” Potvin said. “When we lost to Toronto, we couldn’t physically move and when we lost to the Rangers they were much more aggressive. We are not allowing it this time.

“We had a meeting. We had a meeting. Clarke, New, Gary Howt, they were ready, they were looking for them [guys] To take. When we went to the ice, we moved forward with courage. We played with courage. ”

The Islanders won the game 1, 2-1 in overtime thanks to a goal from Gillies. It was a cool game. Game 2 was not. The first period of Game 2 ended with a wild bench-clearing fight in which Gillie fought twice with Terry O’Reilly, Howt fought twice with Wayne Cashman, Nystrom fought with John Weinsink, Duane Sutter fought with Al Sikord. Did and Lane closed the square against Mike. Milbury.

“Clarke and O’Reilly, it was Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier, however, for us,” Potvin said.

“These Bruins, they were the toughest team against me,” Bourne said. “But our Clarke said, ‘I got this guy,’ and Bobby New said, ‘I got him,’ and Howie goes, ‘I’ll take him.’ We beat them and we beat them and left them there as fighters. I felt differently than before. “

And Nystrom: “We were in the room after the period and Bobby Larimer, who was never a fighter, had pieces under his eyes after he left. [Stan] Jonathan and he were bleeding like crazy. And he stood up and said, ‘Don’t worry guys, it won’t stop me at all!’

“When you talked about your bond moments, it was one.”

The islanders won Game 2, 5-4 in overtime thanks to Bourne’s goal and they defeated the Bruins in five games after fighting twice more in O’Reilly Game 3.

“The league knew,” Potvin said. “The league knew we would not be intimidated. We had an unprecedented response. ”

The Sabers came later. The Islanders sent Buffalo into six games after taking a 3-0 lead in the series, which was rather a matter for pedestrians.

“We lost two games and I can tell you, it was never fun to play for Al Arab when we lost,” Potvin said of the legendary coach. “When we lose, our lives change. It also had consequences. No one wanted to lose. “

So they advanced to the final for the Islanders against the Flyers, who finished with 116 points as they sought to release an unbeaten 35-game series (2-0-0-10) on their way to the Presidents Trophy season. , 25 more than 91 of the islands. Of course, the Bruins recorded 105 points and the Sabers 110.

After Boston, the Flyers’ attempts to rape the archipelago were not only ineffective, but also counter-productive. These were like cartoon characters like villains throwing fireworks in their own hands.

Mike sits down
Mike sits downGetty Images

“The preparation has always been critical for me, personally and for our team, and it was Al’s plan for this series,” Potvin said. “It was about discipline. We knew we would get elbows or belly spears near the mouth. We were not going to take revenge. We were going to pay them. “

The Islanders have scored 15 play-off goals in a six-game series, moving to 15 for 40. Potvin made five PPGs, including Game 1, a 4-3 win at Spotram at 4: 0 at Overtime, burying a centering feed from John Tonelli after tying the score, leaving Stephen Parsons’ PPG score at 43:22.

There were three PPGs in Game 1, two in Game 2, five in Game 3, one in Game 4, two in Game 5, and two in Game 6 where the archipelago was playing in front of a crowd on a crazy Saturday afternoon at home. The Flyers were 4-2 up to go in the first half of the third period: more than 20 minutes were needed after scoring twice in 0:02.

And so, overtime. Nystrom and Tonelli opened with Wayne Merrick as their center. He has been replaced by Lauren Henning. With the neutral zone, then, in 4-4, seven minutes, Hen Henning cyclone, Tonelli, crossed the zone with Nystrom থেকে from his backhand to his forehand … Nastrom was running the net to reflect the backhand.

At 7:11.

“I was so tired, my head was sitting on the dasher and I didn’t see it go inside,” Potvin said. “But the noise – the feeling. It was exuberant.

“I can see it right now, Larnie’s drama, jetty side by side, confusing and sneezing,” Bourne said. “It was such a relief, every emotion spread through me at once. I was just happy.”

Sixteen straight in 1980 have won four cups. Billy Smith on goal; In Potvin, Langvin, Parsons, Lane and More Defense; In front of Moni, Trottier, Gillies, Goring, Bourne, Kallur, Nystrom, Tonelli, Merrick and Duane Sutter. Henning won the last two before moving to the back of the bench as an assistant. Billy Carroll and Mike McWane were both there for the last three.

“I grew up in Ottawa but as a Montreal Canadian fan on the Quebec border,” said Potvin, who received and picked up the plane after a presentation by league president John Ziegler. “So when I picked up the cup, I imagined myself as Jean Belivau, this number 4 is big.

“Honestly, we didn’t have any similarities. He was this big, tall, handsome center and I was fine … but I will never forget that feeling.”

The groove was on the stick and the puck was the net and it was 7:11 of overtime and the game was over. The season is over. Play off. And the dynasty had barely begun.

“I saw it go and thought,‘ Oh my God! Thank God it’s over, “” Nystrom said. “It was wild. I was surrounded by people, everyone was going crazy, noises were exploding, and I stopped for an interview with Ice so that I would never have to skate with a cup of ice again that day. I never got it.

“It simply came to our notice then. I had other opportunities. And you know, hardly a day goes by that I don’t remember the goal. It’s been 40 years and people still want to talk to me about it.

“It’s nice. I love it. I really do.”

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