Returning tennis ‘too far’

Of European football The Bundesliga was revived last week Behind closed doors and La Liga in Spain Set to start again The latest official word from the tennis authorities in the middle of the following month basically suspended all measures through mid-July.

The disparity began in March, as Federer was already on the sidelines recovering from knee surgery.

The first day of the French Open on Sunday marked the regular place on the tennis calendar – in March, although it was rescheduled for September – and another Grand Slam, Wimbledon, was announced in July.

“I’m not training at the moment because I don’t see a reason to be truthful,” Federer told three-time French Open champion Gustavo Curten – who is raising funds for his own Brazilian coronavirus relief effort – in a video interview. Reported by

“I am happy with my body now and I still believe that the return of this tour is far away,” the 38-year-old continued. “And I think it’s emotionally important to enjoy this break, playing so much tennis.

“I think I’ll be very excited as I move forward and aim for training.”

Federer’s rational tennis’ The best supported players, And the possibility of competing without spectators does not appeal to him.

“Most of the time we train, then nobody,” said the men’s record 20-time Grand Slam champion. “Of course it’s possible for us to play without fans. But on the other hand, I really expect the circuit to return to normal.

“And hold on until the time is right, at least one-third or half of the stadium is full. But it’s very difficult for me to be completely empty when playing a big tournament.”

Federer was active on social media during the lockdown, sparking public discussion about the integration of male and female travel. With a tweet last month And start at Funny Instagram Live With tennis rival Rafael Nadal.

Nadal has started practicing against Federer, albeit very recently. Sports were in favor of Federer winning the 20th major and tie, and if he had won a record 12 titles at Roland Garros, he could have played the French Open as usual.

The next Grand Slam is scheduled to take place at the US Open in New York in late August, with organizers hoping it will be announced in June.

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