Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and Lily Rainhart call it Quits Again.

Riverdale’s favorite cast members Lily Reinhart and Cole Sproese have said it’s time to leave this time and have been off for three years as they are well separated for the time being.

The couple, who have reportedly spent three years together, broke up and separated before being locked up. Page Six reported that, according to a source, “Cole and Lily split up and separated before the epidemic hit. They remain good friends.”

The pair’s split was also confirmed by assistant cast member, Skiti Ulrich and girlfriend Megan Blake Irwin. On an Instagram live, Ulrich and Irwin were asked, “Do you think Cole Sprouse and Lily Rainhart are a beautiful couple?”

About this Ulich replied, “I think they were a very nice couple.” Irwin added, “They were a beautiful couple. They are both beautiful people.”

The emphasis on the word ‘was’ made it clear that the two are now broken. This is not the first time that rumors have spread on the internet. Back in 2019 W Magazine Shooting, Lily addressed similar rumors, saying, “Kids, don’t believe what you’ve read on the internet. And news sources should try a little more to make it less bad. ‘Reliable sources’ can kiss my ass.”

None of them have responded to the rumors yet. Earlier this year, however, Sprouse was accused of cheating on Lily with model Kaya Garber. He also responded to the allegations by saying, “This was a precedent when I first started public relations. And when I didn’t really want to involve any part of my personal life to the barbaric mob, it cleared my resistance. Updating them is their own. The agenda has allowed me to push my habits and lifestyle. “

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