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SpaceX could send NASA to Jupiter's potentially habitable moon Europa

SpaceX could mail NASA to Jupiter’s likely habitable moon Europa

This NASA illustration shows the Europa Clipper above Europa, with Jupiter in the track record. NASA/JPL-Caltech A Falcon Hefty, or…

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NASA's Curiosity rover kicks off epic 'summer road trip' across Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover kicks off epic ‘summer highway trip’ throughout Mars

This mosaic of 118 visuals shows the place Curiosity is heading throughout Mars towards the sulfate-bearing unit.  NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS NASA’s Mars…

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The agency destroyed part of its Space Launch System (SLS) to see how well it would cope under the sort of forces it would experience when launching into orbit.

NASA ‘destroys’ oxygen tank of SLS in incredible test video

Incredible video shows NASA using ‘crippling force’ to deliberately destroy the oxygen tank of a rocket which will take the…

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How to Watch a 10-Year Time Lapse Video of the Sun

How to Observe a 10-Year Time Lapse Online video of the Sunshine

Picture: Vadim Sadovski (Shutterstock) As kids, we had been informed not to stare (or even glimpse immediately at) the solar…

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Stunning Nasa image of 'rare lightning phenomenon' looks like giant red ALIENS in the sky

Beautiful Nasa image of ‘rare lightning phenomenon’ appears to be like big crimson ALIENS in the sky

NASA has shared an image of unusual ‘red sprite’ lightning that looks scarily related to an alien invasion. The purple…

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Gigantic Sea Scorpions, Some Larger Than Humans, Hunted in Ancient Oceans

Gigantic Sea Scorpions, Some Larger sized Than Human beings, Hunted in Historic Oceans

Let’s switch back again the arms of time. Just before extinction knocked dinosaurs off their pillar, ahead of the “Fantastic…

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A Vast Stream of Flowing Stars Is Evidence of The Milky Way's Violent History

A Large Stream of Flowing Stars Is Proof of The Milky Way’s Violent Background

When you go outdoors and seem at the sky on a obvious night, it appears to be like practically nothing…

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Rare night clouds may well be warning signal of climate disaster | Local climate modify

Something magical appeared at evening about London and other sections of Britain on 21 June: ripples of electric powered blue…

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Artist impression of a Homo erectus adult male

Homo erectus could operate extensive distances despite currently being ‘built like a rugby player’

Early humanoid ancestor Homo erectus was the first to be in a position to operate extensive distances irrespective of getting…

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Simulations show magnetic field can change 10 times faster than previously thought

Simulations display magnetic field can improve 10 occasions faster than previously imagined

Credit: CC0 Community Area A new review by the University of Leeds and University of California at San Diego reveals…

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