See | It is heartbreaking that Archana Purana lion was broken into tears and humiliated!

In a nationwide lockdown, celebrities are spending more time connecting with their fans and entertaining them through social media. From sharing how they spend their quarantine days to cooking, cleaning, painting, dancing and learning new skills, some are also continuing to have conversations with fans via live chat.

Archana Puran Singh, who is currently seen as a special guest on Sony TV’s The Kapil Sharma Show, is also entertaining and interacting with her fans through social media. Respect and dear homage to Kapil and the other members always inspires his team with jokes spread on the show quite humorously and never gets annoyed.

Archana Puran Singh cries during a live Instagram chatYouTube Screengrab

However, it seems that some social media users take advantage of the actress to use disrespectful or offensive. In a recent live chat with fans, Archana broke down in tears after being calledbudhi

Expressing his dissatisfaction, he said in the video: ‘Some people in my feed have said wisdom. So I want to know that intelligence means age and yes I have two older sons. Everyone’s mother is not old? My mother wit so why is it used as a bad word? If you guys think that all of you are insulting me then this is not a matter for me but don’t use it as an objection. However, with this kind of purpose you will say that I feel like giving it back. So do not make any negative comments that request it. ‘

Otherwise, it is heartbreaking to see the cheerful actress holding her breath and breaking down in tears. Watch the video from her live chat below:

There is no problem with Kapil and the team:

There were many times when Archana fans trolled Kapil innocently for his regular digging and jokes on his show. The actress once cleared the air that she has no problem with Kapil and the team and ‘difficulty’ and ‘irrationality’ are the mother of all jokes.

Archana shared a beautiful picture with Kapil and posted it on social media: “I am the mother of all comedies in error and difficulty. I strongly believe William James said,” We laugh because we are not happy, we are happy because we smile. “” I choose to be happy. Ni And I love people who make me laugh. I love you Kapil because you make me smile like no one else uch a lot of sunshine like you bring in the lives of millions of people, you always shine. িল Capsilma @ sonitovofcial @ Banijayasia. “

In response, Kapil Archana also shared a picture, “Love you mam”.

How Worship Accepts All Jokes:

Kiku Sharda, who played the role of Bachcha Yadav in Kapil Sharma’s show, further said that Archana is very much aware of the jokes and foolishness taken from him in the show. He further mentioned that he takes all the jokes quite sportily and never gets frustrated by their jokes.

In an interview with the Times of India, Kiku said: “When we shoot for TKSS, we make sure that none of the celebrities who come to our show look bad. We draw a line and don’t go to the top with our jokes. We do our best not to get hurt, we make fun of each other and pull each other’s legs. And he is very much aware of what the script is. “

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