Selina Gomez talks about the ‘abuse’ she has done in the past [Throwback]

Justin Bieber happily married Haley Baldwin but there was a time when everyone in the entertainment world was sure he would marry Selina Gomez. Selina and Justin had a long dating history, filled with drama and several sensitive stimuli. There was a time when Taylor Swift cried when she heard Selena sing about Gomez about the emotional turmoil with the “sorry” singer.

Selena Gomez

Back in 2019, Selina Gomez revealed in an explicit interview KISS FM UK Acclaimed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was so moved by her songs “You Lost Songs” and “Watch Her Now” – that she said that Selena Gomez came out of the “torture” of past relationships, probably Canadian pop star and her ex-boyfriend Justin With Bieber.

“She and her mother just started crying,” Gomez said as Taylor spoke of his mother’s reaction after watching the music videos for the song. “Like, just cry and tear.”

Selena Gomez then said, “They were crying about how proud they were for me to step into a whole new era of my life, and it didn’t involve horrible things – fraud, mental disorder.”

Selina Gomez even said that she did not expect such a reaction from Taylor. He added that he sighed a lot when he saw her and his mother feel that way. She even compared Taylor to a big sister and a proud aunt to her mother.

“It felt like I was sighing and seeing her and her mother feel that way. It was so sweet. It’s a big sister and proud of their aunt.” [friend]. Nice to meet you guys. “

Selena Gomez

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Roller-caster life of Justin Bieber and Selina Gomez:

In the interview, Selina Gomez did not mention Justin Bieber by her name. No one mentioned him directly in any of his songs. But her fans have been accused of being involved in her relationship with Justin Bieber.

As all Selena fans know for a fact she started dating Justin Bieber in 2010 and will continue to see her until early 2018.

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