Shama Sikander: Let’s move on to the more productive second of the year

Actress Shama Sikander has urged everyone to see the bright side of the other half of this year. He called on all to move towards a more productive, loving, peaceful and thoughtful second world by 2020.

“This year has been difficult. Although it is less for those who have some savings, it is a pity for the disadvantaged. It raises peace from all problems and so we need to look at its positive aspects. We now know that nature knows nothing.” , Money or religion or any kind of division.We all know equal We now know that life can go away in a moment close

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The actress insisted on living perfectly.

“We should keep these valuable lessons to ourselves and provide the perfect best when things are open in the near future. We should live our lives as if this was our last unc unconditional love and our best day The rain is coming and I hope They bring some fresh energy with a new season whatever we have to try our best at.

Shama Sikander

Shama SikanderInstagram

“So let’s look at these difficult days, take our lessons and move on to a more productive, loving, peaceful and thoughtful year and And yes we are safe,” he said.

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