Sino-US group throws out Karanja over anti-Asian biased training

A Sino-American advocacy group says overseeing City School Chancellor Richard Carranza’s directive to fight Asian bias is “like training to run a cake on anti-black bigotry.”

The group, called the China American Citizens Alliance Greater New York, released a statement about the “race-traffic-in-chief” scandal, the education department told The Post on Saturday. Latino-bias training.

“Incredibly, a person who is clearly committed to anti-Asian bigotry has only added anti-Asian bigotry to his or her perfect-bias training for education department staff,” the group said.

The statement said, “Above all, the stinking man of Asians is that he thinks they have got ‘ownership’ of specialized high school admissions, when he follows these policies which seeks to exclude a large portion of Asians from these schools.”

The group was referring to Caranger’s pressure to complete entrance exams involving the city’s elite high schools, which many Asian-American students have traditionally performed well.

The group said, “After all, the guy whose DEO uses code phrases like‘ schools don’t look like cities ’to deny Asians for not getting the right look.

“After all, this person, whose DOE sponsored the Center for Educational Judgment, declared that Asian Americans benefit from” white domination “through the proximity of” white domination. “

“Training Caranza on anti-Asian bigotry is like training him to run a cake on anti-black bigotry,” SakAGANG said.

“Anti-Asian bigotry is a serious problem for Asian Americans and will not be used for such exploitation. The first step for the DOE on anti-Asian fanaticism in NYC is to expel Caranza from the NYC. “

A day after The Report was published, it was revealed that Caranza was resuming his “underlying bias” training – this time remotely due to the coronavirus epidemic – and because of the bias against Asian-Americans. It is believed that the global outbreak began in China.

Nathaniel Styre, a spokeswoman for the DOE, told The Post on Saturday: “This workshop is needed more than ever.

“This city, run by Asian and Asian-American New Yorkers, is rife with bigotry and bigotry. These trainings prepare our staff to be part of the fight against this bigotry. “

The DOE did not immediately respond to a request for comment on CACAGNY’s statement.

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