Solve the code to get a date: Bengaluru Tech’s Tinder Profile Hook Suitable for Geeks

After the lockdown starts in late March, going on dates, meeting new people and hanging out with your crush are all obsolete. But there is no reason to be completely disappointed that online dating apps have come to the rescue for all singles. But a few months have passed and the virtual dating profiles have been checked and swiped left and right on Tinder. But a certain dating profile on Tinder is giving everyone a break before practicing your thumb.

While most Tinder profiles are similar, there are some that are really enlightening. Just read their bio, are easily forced to swipe right and set a date if lucky. Bangalore, popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, is a city full of surprises and the latest example of this was seen on Tinder.

Tender profile check out price

Tinder with a reason

A female technician comes back to Tinder to get any help that has been stuck on the coding issue for a while. The profile briefly describes what the subject is and there is a reward at the end. Help solve the coding problem and want to go on a date with this Bangalore Tech (for real).

“Looking for someone who can help me with any issues related to checking files from performing using Python. I’ve been somehow stuck with this issue for the last 3 days. The same code works on Windows and Linux but not with Mac,” The profile reads bio.

Solve a code, earn a date

Things get interesting later. The 22-year-old has asked anyone to match if they are facing coding problems and they can help if they already promise an interesting and unique conversation.

Tender profile of a Bangalore Tech

Tender profile of a Bangalore Tech

“Please help us only if you match me! Let’s timepass by discussing the code instead of asking what your name is, what your native key is, what you do or similar and repetitive questions like this.”

Finally, the biggest prizes are reserved for the end. “If you help me solve this problem, I’m ready to go on a date,” he wrote.

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