South Korean clubs will use QR codes to log visitors into the coronavirus

South Korea will now need places like nightclubs and bars to use QR codes for customers to visit as part of its attempt to communicate coronavirus.

From next month, these types of organizations, which the government considers high-risk, will need to use their app-based registers to make it easier to find potential Covid-19-infected patients.

Officials said the move was made after infected patients submitted fake personal information.

“When looking for patients associated with Eatown Clubs [in Seoul], The government was in trouble because many of them lied in visitor logs about their personal details, “South Korean Health Minister Park Nyong-hu said on Sunday.” South Korean Yonhap News Agency.

“We have decided to adopt an electronic registrar using QR codes so that visitors can collect accurate information and operate a fast-moving system,” the health minister said.

The Etowah area has become a new hub for bugs after a 29-year-old man tested positive for the virus in a neighborhood club and bar known for his nightlife on May 6, the news agency said.

The electronic system must be used to track visitors to other “high risk” organizations.

The QR code registrar will only be used when the infectious disease alert level is raised to “severe” or “warning”, according to the news agency.

The government will test the system by mid-June before it is officially launched.

As of Monday, the deadly virus had infected more than 11,200 people in South Korea and 2,267 in the East Asian country, according to data compiled by John Kops University.

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