Steelers Mike Tomlin supports a variety of NFL promotions

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin used an unexpected venue to express his support for changing the NFL’s Rooney rules.

Tomlin spoke with the Kentucky basketball coach on Monday John Calipari’s “Coffee with Cal” Facebook show.

The NFL is exploring the idea of ​​allowing minority head coaches or general managers to move teams in order for future drafts.

According to ESPN, Tomlin told Kalipari, “If you don’t interview minority candidates or things of that nature, we’ve always brought it up from a punitive, perspective. I like 180 different ways to spin it and probably encourage talent developers and talent employers. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

The NFL established the Rooney Rules in 2003, requiring the team to interview minority candidates for head-coaching. In 2009, the league added the same conditions to senior football operations work.

Last week, Rooney’s rule was extended again, requiring teams to field at least two external minority candidates for the opening of head coaching and at least one candidate for the role of offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, general manager and senior football operations candidate. Fall.

The NFL changed another rule last week, barring teams from being interviewed for assistant co-ordinating positions. The move is seen as another positive for minority candidates to gain experience.

The league has tabled a resolution to show that the teams will move up 10 places in the third round of the draft before the second year under the New Year-appointed minority GM. For the newly-appointed minority head coaches, the teams will jump six places in the third round of the draft before its second edition.

If a team hires a minority head coach and GM in the same year, there will probably be 1 16th place in the third round – probably in the second round.

Tomlin did not say that he agreed with the letter to change the table, only the spirit.

Tomlin has been joined by Los Angeles Chargers’ Anthony Lynn, Miami Dolphins’ Brian Flores and Washington Redskins’ newly appointed Ron Rivera as the only minority head coach in the NFL.

According to ESPN, Tomlin told Kalipari, “We are making some adjustments because now we are acknowledging that the system is broken, the minorities are not getting enough opportunities,” and we are just trying to figure out how to stimulate it. I agree that it is debatable about the value placed on top of the stimulus plan but I generally like the discussion.

Lynn told CBS Radio last week about the draft-pick-incentive plan, “I think you can sometimes do the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing.”

Tony Dongi, the first African-American to win the Super Bowl as head coach, said last week of the draft selection proposal, “I personally don’t think it’s the right thing to do. … I was never in favor of rewarding people for doing the right thing. And so I think it’s going to have some unintended consequences. “

The Tomlin and Calipari coronaviruses touched on other issues, including the possibility of playing football this fall without fans at the stand due to the epidemic.

“I am really interested in emotions [impact] At these critical moments, and understanding and feeling what it means, ”Tomlin said, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Tomlin was not a fan of the recent offseason team meeting online.

According to the Herald-Leader, he said, “You don’t get the feeling you get when you teach someone. “You’re sitting at home with them and feeling their body language. [You sense] ‘Yes, the man got it. ”

They also turned their attention to the upcoming Kentucky College basketball season, telling Kalipari Tomlin, according to the newspaper, “I’m worried right now কি am I coming back as a player from last year.”

Tomlin replied with a laugh, “You like that challenge.”

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