Stephen Curry of the night won New York City

Stephen Curry on the night of February 27, 2013 was not yet what he would be The Warriors have not yet become what they will be. And as hard as it is to remember, Gold State wasn’t the best team on the garden floor that night and it wasn’t so close.

Nick fans must have known Curry. He was the dynamo of the man who led Davidson to the 2007 Final Four, and a year later he tied Knicks’ brass in a workout at the team’s Westchester County headquarters a few weeks before the draft. He was so impressed with what Mike D’Antoni saw that day that the next time, he shook Curry’s hand and laughed.

“We can’t draft you,” the Knicks coach said.

“Oops?” Curry replied. “Why?”

“Because [team executive and former Knicks sharpshooter] Alan Houston said he did not want to be known as the second best shooter in Nick’s history. “

A few weeks later, it was still firmly believed that Curry Nix would be found at No. 8, with the Warriors at No. Clearly interested in the numbers, however, Curry’s former NBA-player father, Dale, and his agent, Jeff Austin, were wary of the step landing and had a deep history of losses.

Stephen Curry
Stephen CurryP

Perhaps if they had been as staunch as jujube, as was the case with Jalibian Bryant and Aaron Talem a few years ago, history might have changed differently. Thirty years ago, on the eve of the 1996 draft, the Nets worked on drafting high school phenomena Kobe Bryant with Pick No. 8, until Bryant’s father and his agent, John Calipari, warned him that Kobe would never play the Nets. It was probably foggy, but Kalipari fell for it; Instead he chose Kerry Keatles. From there you know how things worked out.

This time, Team Step didn’t use strong hand tactics and Knicks president Donnie Walsh chose not to investigate any drafts that could put the Knights on top of the Warriors – especially with Minnesota, which owns No. 5 and both. No. Picture No., just before the Golden State. So it was off to the Golden State for Steff.

And that night and between February 26, 2013, if you were a fan of the Knicks, it was terribly difficult to express resentment. Curry showed clear commitment but he also developed a pair of trick ankles; In 2011-12, he was limited to only 23 games. The Knicks, meanwhile, topped the Atlantic division with 54 wins and their only playoff series win since 2000. Momentum came back to the garden.

And technically, they also won that night 109-105 – Carmelo Anthony scored 36 points, Tyson Chandler grabbed 28 rebounds. But the biggest winner was Steve Curry, who won at Garden and New York City. He has 54 runs. He made 13 3-pointer shots and made 11 of them, some of them in the Proposteras range.

The park was happy for the home team; It was not 25 years old, it was extremely pleasurable for this kid who chose MSG for his upcoming team.

“This team had a lot of strength for both teams,” Curry said that night. “When I started giving some numbers, when I did a few shots you could hear the crowd. I was running adrenaline. “

Of course from that night on, the Warriors and Nick’s paths diverted so much, and so steeply, that sometimes they competed in the same league. Hard to believe that just 12 days after the Warriors, they will meet Cree and another kid Warrior, Clay at 92-63. Thompson was humiliated in a combination of 49. Soon they will start collecting championship banners, three of which are between 2015 and 2018.


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You see, with the 20/20 highsight, you might be wondering why Walsh didn’t play a stronger game to get up in the draft, but it actually seemed like a huge break that Arizona’s Jordan Hill, expected as the top-4 pick, was 8th. Read them (in an unforgettable eight-year career that included 24 players as Nick).

The more classic hand-ringer key is that the 9-year-old raptors chose a 6-foot-6 swingman named DeMar DeRozan of the USC, who scored 20.0-points per game, four-time all-star, and two-time All-Star. -NBA player. Still, it’s interesting to wonder what happened when Curry became Nick in 2009. All in all he was already friends with LeBron James; Did this further attract the Knicks to Jix during his 2010 free agency?

D’Antoni and Curry (and possibly James) clicked? If they hadn’t, it’s possible that Knicks’ work might have been liked by someone, say, Steve Kerr, who moved to Auckland in 2014 and moved away from New York. Did Walsh live in New York before Phil Jackson Foley became the germ of an idea?

Curry recently confessed to former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Burns on his behalf: “I wanted to go to New York and thought I was going to New York. In the draft – in the green room – I was like, ‘Oh, get to eight places and New York can get me. ‘

New York will not think so, as it turns out.

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