Sukumar rejects Rs 14 crore deal from Okti Giants, says he will wait until theaters reopen

The movie Appena starred Vaishnava Tej and Kriti Sethi as actors. Also, it debuted under the direction of director Budhu Babu Sana, who worked as an assistant to director Sukumar.

This love story will be released in Ariel 2Yes. However, due to lockdowns and epidemics, theaters have closed and the release of the film has stopped. Also, the latest rumor is that theaters will not reopen until August and so many filmmakers and actors are keeping an eye on OTTs and agreeing to release their movies on Natyamancha release.

The film is produced by Methyl Movie Makers and Sukumar and stars Vijay Sethupathi as the main protagonist and plays the lead role. According to the latest news, Amazon Prime management has reached out to one of the top OTT producers and the OTT giant has offered Rs 14 crore to release their film.

However, Supumar Writings and Maithri Movie Makers, who had spent around Rs 18 crore on Appena, rejected the offer. It looks like the Appener makers have decided to wait until the lockdown is over and get released on stage. The first two songs released from the film have already garnered 50 million views on YouTube and it is a great hit.

Celebrity bs at the next movie launch of Allu Arjun and Sukumar

Celebrity bs at the next movie launch of Allu Arjun and SukumarTwitter

OTT giants are trying to make a profit from small budget movies because it is going to take a long time to get released in theaters. The film is ready and could be the first film to be released when they reopen.

Rumor has it that Nishadbam is going to be released on OTT. However, no confirmation has been received from the makers of the film so far. According to rumors, the film has sold to Amazon Prime for Rs 28 crore. So far, no Telugu film has been released at OTT’s Sun Theater.

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