Sumna Chakraborty admits to being a victim of fake news after reacting to Uttarakhand forest fire

TV actress Sumna Chakraborty is playing the lead role in The Kapil Sharma Show. He has played the role of Kapil Sharma’s Crush Bhuri and often his ridiculous chemistry with Kapil Sharma is seen to entertain the audience.

In addition to the show, Sumna draws a lot of attention through her social media posts where she shows a glimpse of her personal life. From posting bikini pictures to earning legitimate points to TV actors, Sumna has been using social media to keep in touch with her fans. But his recent post got into trouble with netizens who ruthlessly trolled him for being ignorant of the current events in the country.

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Sumna’s post in the forest of Uttarakhand

Why Sumona recently complained about why the mainstream media is reluctant to do any publicity about the Uttarakhand forest fire. He similarly condemned the media for ignoring Cyclone Amphan.

“Why isn’t the mainstream / national media covering #TatarkhandFirstfire extensively? None was Cyclone Amphan. The world media has given it more importance than our own national media. Can we give some respite to politics / debate,” Kapil Sharma show star tweeted.

However, his tweet landed id in the snake hole to his right, where he was bitten by harsh criticism online. He even received threatening emails from trolls.

Sumana Chakraborty

Sumana ChakrabortyTwitter

Sumna became trolled

Soon, Sumona got the news of the Uttarakhand forest fire. He shared the news on Twitter and admitted that it was the victim of fake news that continued to circulate on social media. He also addressed those who trolled and threatened him.

“I am justified in doing so.
There are always 2 sides to a story.
For the first time, I was the victim of fake news. But it was a real concern!

For those who decide to troll me or send threatening emails – Buzz off! “He tweeted.

And this time he was praised by netizens for being consistent about his mistakes and for publicly admitting them without any shame.

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