Tenet’s release date has been pushed back

Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-bending movie, Tenet will be even later. Despite the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the film was unchanged with its July 17 release date and will now be released in theaters on July 31, the report said.

However, it seems that the fans are waiting for the release Doctrine, Warner Bros. will give them something to satisfy their appetites. According to reports, Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that it intends to celebrate Nolan’s tenth anniversary. The beginning July 17 with a special theatrical release

Christopher NolanReuters

Toby Emerich, chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, said they were particularly thrilled to bring Christopher Nolan into the complex and rapidly changing environment. Doctrine, July 31 A worldwide tentacle of jaw-dropping shapes, scopes and scales in theaters around the world.

He went on to say that since they saw a movie on the big screen, it took longer than anyone could have imagined. He added this in recognition of the way Chris fans can count on them DoctrineOn the day of the opening, they too were eager to give his best gift The beginning In theaters for the tenth anniversary of July 17th.

Tom Hardy - Christopher Nolan

Tom Hardy – Christopher NolanReuters

As usual, Nolan kept the main plot points Doctrine Trailers of the secret project near the assignment still reveal the protagonist of the film, John David Washington, Must learn that he must fight for the survival of the world, equipped with a word: Tenet.

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