The best way to reduce coronavirus infection is to wear a mask, studies show

A team of researchers in Texas and California compared the rates of Covid-19 infections in Italy and New York, both before and after the face mask. A survey published Thursday in the executive branch of the National Department of Science found that infection rates began to flatten after the introduction of mandatory face masks in both places.

The researchers calculated that wearing masks prevented more than 66,000 infections in New York City between April 1 and May 9 and April 9 and May 9 in New York City.

“Masking in the public coincides with the most effective method of preventing inter-human transmission, and this inexpensive exercise represents the most probable fight to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, combined with the search for social distance, segregation and communication, before developing a vaccine,” they wrote.

The researchers assessed the effectiveness of various strategies to stop the spread of the infection and to determine how the virus was originally spread. When a person coughs or sneezes on another person, the virus is spread through direct contact; Indirect contact, when a person coughs or sneezes at something that is touched by another person; Or small droplets called aerosols fall to the ground quickly and stay in the air through small droplets that can travel several feet and hang in the air for a while.

To determine how the virus is transmitted, researchers analyzed the prevalence of infection rates in three epidemics – Wuhan, China, Italy and New York City. They looked at mitigation measures in those places, such as extensive testing, segregation, contact detection, social distance, and mandatory use of face masks.

Researchers then compared the period when those systems were set up. In China, all measures were implemented at the same time. In contrast, mitigation measures were taken at various times in Italy and New York

This allows researchers to evaluate the relative effectiveness of the measures. They found infection rates in Italy and NYC only started slowly after making face masks mandatory, not after the lockdown was set up in Italy or after the stay order in New York came into effect.

The need for face masks began with mandatory use nationwide in April and April in the regions of northern Italy. The use of face masks was required in New York City. Starting April 1, The researchers calculated the number of infections between this date and the 9th.

They wrote, “Covering the mouth prevents airborne infections by blocking virus-carrying aerosols and communication by blocking both airborne flows.” Does not protect against infection. “

The study noted that wearing a face mask was unpleasant in most parts of the Western world at the time of the initial outbreak of the epidemic. But researchers say the evidence shows that masks work by spreading slowly.

The researchers wrote that both the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized the need to prevent communicable infections, but both organizations largely ignored the importance of airborne transmission routes.

“Measures such as social distance, segregation, and the isolation implemented in the United States are themselves insufficient to protect the public,” the researchers wrote.

The team of five researchers is the University of Texas A&M, the University of Texas, the University of California, San Diego and the California Institute of Technology.

New York City has at least 205,846 coronavirus cases and confirmed deaths with at least 17,351 additional deaths, According to the NYC Department of Health. The number of confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths has been steadily declining since the start of early April. New York City is officially ending its lockdown and entering the first phase of its reopening episode on Monday, easing restrictions.

Italy has been under a nationwide lockdown since March 9, but Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti told a news conference on Thursday night that the country was easing its coronavirus lockdown system to restart behind the closure of professional sports events such as the Coppa Italia football match. Doors from Friday.

While other establishments could reopen from June 25, including summer camps, kindergartens, betting rooms and bingo halls, Conti announced that he had just signed a decree that would further facilitate lockdown arrangements. Non-professional sports involving physical contact can start again.

CNN’s Livia Borhiz contributed to this report.

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