The British man was rescued after being trapped in a sand dune for six days

Rescuers pulled Jacob Matthew Roberts from a well in the village of Pekatu on Saturday, Krishna Mahrat, the area’s search and rescue agency’s public relations officer, Basarnas SandTold CNN.

After falling into a 13-foot-deep well, Roberts broke his right leg and could not escape without the depth of the water, Mahrat said.

He remained alert and his call for help was finally heard by locals, who notified local authorities on Saturday.

A rescue team was deployed on the same day. Three rescuers climbed a ladder to reach Roberts and used a stretcher to pull him to safety before 2 p.m. Local time, according to Maharat.

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He was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua, where he was stable.

In a statement, local search and rescue chief Gede Darmada appealed to locals to pay attention to their wells and consider using temporary covers to ensure their safety.

A spokesman for the UK’s Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs told CNN: “We are supporting a British man in Bali and liaising with a local hospital.”

Bali is famous for its beaches, temples, historic temples and UNESCO-listed paddy fields, but its popularity has also led to a fight against overtourism.

In January 2019, reports emerged that the island was considering a tourism tax to help address the impact of a large number of visitors.

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