The dog is waiting at Uhan Hospital after the owner’s coronavirus died

A dedicated coronavirus victim’s dog waits patiently in a Chinese hospital for more than three months every day to be reunited with his beloved owner.

Sadly, the pensioner died at Wuhan Taikong Hospital just five days later through a bug, staff say.

The small dog won the hearts of the workers concerned at the hospital after it came with its elderly owner at the height of the coronavirus epidemic in February.

Unaware that his owner would not return, the seven-year-old male Poch had been waiting in the lobby of the Taiwanese hospital for more than three months, searching everywhere for him. Kindly pass patients and medical staff finish feeding pinning pooch.

Vu Kuefen, who runs a supermarket in the building, told reporters that the dog’s owner had been suffering from complications from Covid-19 and was suffering from pneumonia.

He tried to drive the dog away from the hospital – to no avail. Wu Kuifen decided to temporarily take care of the poach and named it Xiaobao or “Little Treasure”.

From April 13, after Wuhan lifted his lockdown restrictions and the hospital’s supermarket reopened, shopkeepers took care of him. MS Wu says: “When I returned to work in mid-April, I first noticed the little dog. I called him ‘Xiaobao’.

Xiao Bao Wuhan is going to the Small Animal Protection Association.
Xiao Bao Wuhan is going to the Small Animal Protection Association.AsiaWire / Whan SAPA

“They told me that its owner, a pensioner, had been infected with the coronavirus.

He later died, but Xiaoba did not know and was still in the hospital looking for him.

“He never left the hospital. It was incredibly contagious and so loyal.

U Quifen’s supermarket is on the first floor of the hospital. He added: “I got acquainted with the dog and later brought him to the store.

“Every morning when I opened, Xiaobao was waiting for me. He saw me at the end of each day. “

Ms Wu said Xiaobao refused to leave the hospital. Even when they deliberately dropped him off somewhere far away, he would return to Taekwondo Hospital and patiently wait for his boss to return.

“Even though Xiaobao can’t speak, we understand that he is definitely looking for his owner,” he told reporters.

In the end, some patients were unwilling to visit the dog hospital and complained to its authorities. So the nurses contacted the Wuhan Small Animal Conservation Association, whose members took Xiaobao. He has been treated by vets and has been sterilized as he prepares for rehabilitation.

Du Fan, director of the association, said on May 24 that the shelter is now monitoring animal lovers who offered to raise Xiaobao. Ms Wu said she hopes Xiaobao will find an owner who will treat her well.

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