The End of the World’s Prophecy: Bible Scholar Says Actions of the Sun are Symptoms of Spyclips (Video)

Several conspiracy theorists and staunch Christian believers strongly believe that mankind is currently going through the last days, and they argued that recent world events are a sign of impending doom.

Adding warmth to these seemingly bizarre theories is the biblical scholar Paul Begelli, a Christian preacher, who claims that the latest spike in solar activity could be a strong indication that the end of the world is imminent.

Apocalyptic signs from heaven

Begley believes that several signs from heaven are happening in the sky and all of these indicate the end of time. In a recent conversation on YouTube, Begley argued that the sun has risen, and waves of energy are flowing through the solar system.

“God is releasing stars such as asteroids and meteors, and clouds of debris that are hovering over our solar system – coming to us in reality – we will continue to observe closely. Responds, “said Pastor Begley, Week’s report.

Although NASA has noted a decline in sunspot activity in recent months, Begley strongly believes that the end time is near and that the Earth will burn due to the heat from the sun.

“The first people of what it says in Revelation are You have the field of your ruins, then you will start to see fire, fire will be thrown, fire will spread to different parts of the world ne Unforgettable And the Bible says that trees and grass will burn,” Bagley added. gle

The reason for being universal on the planet Nibiru

However, a section of space mystic believers believe that following the method of the rogue planet Nibiru could lead to the beginning of the end of the earth. According to Researchers on the Day of Judgment, Nibiru is a killer planet that is currently hiding on the edge of the solar system. These savvy believers claim that this deadly space agency is currently on its way to collide with Earth and that once it hits the blue planet it will spread chaos everywhere.

However, NASA has classified the Nibiru Apocalypse theory as an Internet hoax. According to the US space agency, Nibiru could have been seen with the naked eye if it had been true.

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