The five-year-old boy returned home alone from Delhi to Bangalore

A five-year-old boy returned alone on Monday, May 25, after being stranded in Delhi for two months with his grandparents. The boy had gone to Delhi about three months ago, but had been stranded there for the past two months due to the suspension of domestic flights due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.


The boy returned home

“Welcome home, Bihan (Sharma)! Bangalore Airport is working tirelessly to enable safe return of all passengers,” an official of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) tweeted about the return.

Wearing a yellow jacket and mask, the young boy took a placard, sending passengers a special card. Wearing gloves, Sharma held a cellphone in his left hand to reunite with his mother Manjish Sharma, who came to pick him up.

After the reunion, Manjish was seen rolling up a suitcase and carrying a backpack for the boy. “My five-year-old son Bihan Sharma traveled alone from Delhi. He returned to Bangalore three months later,” he told reporters at the airport.

After being grounded for more than two months due to the launch of the Covid-19, some airlines’ domestic flights resumed from the technology city on Monday, based on a warning note. Lockdown.

The airport operator – Bangalore International Airlines Limited (BIAL) – is ready to handle a total of 215 flights with 108 flights and 107 arrivals per day.

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