The government has resumed drone registration; Here’s how to register

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has again started registering drones “at the request of the people”. In January this year, the Ministry of Aviation gave the date for the registration of drones to January 14-31 and the latest decision is the second one. The notice further states that “ownership of the drone without registration would invite punitive action.”

According to a report in the Times of India, on January 14-31, more than 20,000 drones were listed by the government in January 2020. The Ministry of Aviation maintains a database to protect the use of this gear. The purpose is to track these drones in green areas or areas where they will be allowed and even for protective operations. The date of the article has been kept open so that as many drone users as possible can register for it.


Drone users can register on the website of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) which states, “All inhuman aircraft need to be listed. For sufficient clarity these include models, prototypes, toys, RC aircraft, autonomous and remotely tested aircraft systems.”

Steps for registration

In the first step, an applicant has to upload the information of his owner after which he will get an Ownership Recognition Number (ON). Further, information related to ON drones will be used to upload posts to which the owner will receive a drone recognition number (DN).

GoPro action drone

The link to the DGCA website highlighted, “Each drone needs to be re-listed. Since a drone owner can have multiple drones, the owner can use the same OAN to list all the drones he owns. A separate DAN will be issued for each drone. Ownership is valid.” And calls for disciplinary action in accordance with applicable law for a drone in India without the right. An AN or DAN owner does not consent to the right to operate drones in India for information on the ownership and operation of drones issued by DGCA from time to time (please refer to the rules). ” , DGCA issued rules for the use of drones in Indian airspace.

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