The huge Kakabur sculpture in a city in Australia is bringing joy and lots of laughter

As many of us have been flexing our creative muscles in recent months, we’ve made the most of the coronavirus lockdown to stop those DIY projects.

But fewer efforts than this were more ambitious than that.

An Australian sculptor has created a 13-foot-tall electronic kukabur – one that makes the same movements and noises as Australia’s famous bird.

Forwardin Daliri tied his car to the back of his car to create his সৃষ্টি 1,600 trip around – and he plans to take it on a trip once the lockdown eases.

“Why do they say that? Why, you know?” Daliri told CNN-affiliated Seven News when he was asked why he had been spending six months copying the giant cookbook.

“People like it. It’s something extraordinary,” he added to his work, which was popular with neighbors in Moggil, his hometown of Queensland in northeastern Australia.

Cockaboos are kingfishers native to Australia, and the smiling Cookaburra nickname is closely associated with many Australian herbs.

Daliri said on Twitter that he used “steel, fiberglass, bamboo and plywood” to create his version and that the process “took decades of practice.”

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The sculptor hosts a festival in the town of Queensland, Townsville, and plans to display his work there. “People love this thing so much she’s laughing herself the most! She’s stocked!” His daughter Rafan Daliri wrote on Twitter.

Notably, Daliri did not create a giant version of any popular Australian creature for the first time. Last year, he traveled around Brisbane, making 1,500 pounds of koala.

CNN contacted Daliri for comment.

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