The Indians cannot marry the young Bhima Rani Indumati; On Twitter

The Internet has always been a kind of microcosm of the world, in some ways it reflects society. Every once in a while we get lost in the deep, and indifferent thoughts about what the internet represents we are left with some strange phenomenon.

#Justiceforchutki is trending and looking at ordinary people and undoubted netizens, it seems that there is a reason to fight and stand up for serious injustice. Instead, it is a joy, little Bhima is now married, but netizens and fans are heartbroken because he chose Rani Indumati instead of Chatki. We didn’t make a typing error, that’s true.


#Justiceforchutki: The most hilarious trend you will see today

Little Bhim is a very favorite cartoon, then the children of India. The fictional kingdom of Ola Lolakpur has captivated young minds for many years. However, the story as #justiceforchutki has had a surprisingly sensible investment for a surprisingly large segment of the population.

The internet is feeling betrayed today, and the reason is not the little bhim, but the ‘cheating’ bhim being married and it is not his childhood best friend chutki. Instead, the character will marry the princess Queen Indumati. Fans of the end of the fairy tale did not want.

Many are trending #justiceforchutki on Twitter with some funny memes-

Little Bhim plays with Chutki’s passion:

Some people are annoyed with Bhim’s behavior:

Major Kuch Kuch Hota Hi Vibration Here:

# Bhutki has several goals, obviously:

Flatter deserves better:

A song for a broken heart:

If we are compared:

He is a poet and he cannot read it:

Anyone who stumbles across the trend wonders if they see anything:

It teaches us something, the internet has no priorities and never takes a trend at face value. You have been warned.

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