The Minnesota National Guard became active during George Floyd’s protests

Minnesota Govt. Tim Wallace has activated the state National Guard to keep the peace in Minneapolis where protests over the death of George Floyd have turned violent and destructive.

“The time has come to rebuild. Reconstruct the city, rebuild our justice system, and rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and those responsible for protecting them, ”Wallace said in a statement. “The death of George Floyd should bring about justice and systemic change, not further death and destruction.”

Walz Signed an executive order The Minnesota National Guard was activated on Thursday, saying the army would “protect peaceful protests” in a town where angry protesters set fire to several buildings during two days of riots.

“As governor I will always defend the right to protest,” Wallace added. “This is how we express pain, process tragedy and create change.”

A black man named Floyd, seen in a viral video, was spotted pinned by a white Minneapolis police officer with the help of three other police officers, shouting “I can’t breathe” before he died in police custody on Monday.

Four officers involved have been dismissed. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has called on Frein to file a lawsuit against Felloid by lowering him to the neck of the Filmoid, and Derek Chauvin, as well as residents of the city, have appealed for peace.

Floyd’s brother, Filoniz Floyd, said he understood the outcry among protesters early Thursday, although the family supported a peaceful protest.

“People get tired and people get injured when they see black people die again and again,” he said in a CNN interview.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan added that the army was needed after Wednesday night’s protests “became incredibly insecure for those involved.”

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