The moment of the Mets’ painful World Series is one of the biggest Ki-ifs

In the week-long series, the post looks at alternative realities in New York sports. Today’s edition looks at what happened when Mats Alex Rodriguez landed in 2000. Here are some of the bigger Mets from the last 30 years:

What if Juan Lagares started at Center Field in Game 1 of the 2015 World Series?

The wide outfield at Kaufman Stadium was a concern for the Mets front office, but manager Terry Collins went along with Younis Sippides in the middle of the defensively higher leggers to keep the Mets’ better bat against the Royals. The game led to an inland park homer and Saintpis Alcides misplaced a shot from Escobar. The Royals tied the game at Alex Gordon’s home Jeris Familia of A ninth and won the 14th inning. If Legares starts, he probably catches Escobar’s ball and the game probably doesn’t reach the extra innings. What makes the Mets opener different from the series – which the Royals have won in five games?

What if umpire Adrian Johnson ruled the “fair ball” in Carlos Beltran’s shot against Johan Santana on June 1, 2012?

Re-performances were final: Beltran’s ball crossed the foul line behind the third base of the sixth inning, which meant Johan Santana should have been allowed to hit. Johnson called it stupid and threw the first no-hitter in Santana Mitz’s history. It came at a cost. Santana, who missed rehabilitation the previous season from shoulder surgery, has been left to play to throw 134 pitches. A few weeks after the fight, he was on the injured list and never returned to the big leagues. If Johnson gets the call right, will Santana throw less pitches and his career continue into 2013 and beyond?

What if Duana Sanchez wasn’t so hungry?

Influential Mets Reliver was seriously injured in an accident in South Florida in 200 Flor, when a drunk driver collided with a taxi that was traveling in the Sanchez. The injury to Sanchez’s shoulder kept the Mets short in the bullpen, which hit them in the NLCS against the Cardinals. Did a healthy Sanchez translate into a World Series title for the Mets and Postseason Birth in 2007 and ’08?

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