The overshadowed heroes of the ‘Greatest Conquest’ in Giants history

Plexico Barres got the last smile even though Tom Brady was shocked to see the neutral prediction.

After surpassing three touchdowns in an unbeaten regular season and averaging an NFL-record of 589 points with an average margin of victory, the New England Patriots were going to manage just 17 points against the Giants in the Super Bowl XLI?

Overly confident Brady Burris 23-1? Couldn’t hide his disbelief even after hearing the upset, in the days leading up to the game: “We’re only going to get 1 17 points? Okay.”

In fact, Buris was wrong. Patriots could not score 17 He

With 35 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Barres’ touchdown catch gave the 12-point-underdog Giants a great 17-14 win and stopped the NFL’s first bid of the season at 19-19.

“This is the greatest victory in the history of this franchise,” owner John Mara said in early February, at Ari’s Glendale on February 3, 200 Ari. “Not questionable.”

Plexico Barres catches a game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl X LI
Plexico Barres catches a game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl X LIGetty Images

Brady owned three Super Bowl rings at the time and later won three more before New England left the offseason, but the game was considered a key role for the best team of the Super Bowl era.

Instead Barres fooled Alice Hobbs with a slant-and-go-route and returned to the corner of the last zone to settle under Eli Manning’s floating 13-yard pass. By then, the winning points had been earned in the last moments of a Super Bowl, and still the image had been touched.

Leave it to one of the greatest dramas in NFL history.

In the 12-play, 83-yard win drive before the third-and-5, the pocket broke around Manning. Manning’s jersey was hung by three linemen, but the quarterback turned right under a sack and started praying in the middle of a tightly covered field.

“No one took me down,” Manning said. “I just tried to stay small.”

By doing this, Manning grew up.

Tyree did his part, out-jumping Rodney Harrison and putting the ball on top of his helmet. Harrison’s hand wrapped around his shoulder, trying to loose the ball, and the tie landed horizontally behind him to finish the 35-yard finish.

“Until I saw it on TV with my own eyes,” Tier said, “I didn’t understand the magnitude of the catch and how great it was.”

Manning won the first of his two Super Bowl MVP awards, but a young Justin Tuck – not yet the starter of his Ring of Honor-cemented career – could make a fair claim. Bald forcibly destroys two sacks and a defense that made Brady proud with three quarterback hits and five sacks muttering the Big Blue tradition.

“I guess when I open my mouth,” Barres said, “it put some pressure on them.”

Defensive co-captain Antonio Pierce beat the Druils against the Suspects all season, creating a counter-mentality after the Giants started 0-2.

Justin Tuck fired Tom Brady during the Super Bowl X LI
Justin Tuck fired Tom Brady during the Super Bowl X LIBoston Globe through Getty Images

The Giants became the first team to win 11 straight games away from home in a single season, with one play-off win after another at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.

The Giants took a 10-7 lead from the first of the third quarter before Brady’s touchdown went 2:42.

Michael Strahan in his final game before retiring “17-14!” He shouted and stuck the sideline! And telling teammates to repeat it.

“A touchdown and we are world champions,” Strahan said of the offense before taking the field. “Believe it and it will happen.”

Unforgettable Manning reinforces confidence in the rush: “We’re going to score down.”

A gift – a play-ceiling break in the play before Asante Samuel’s “The Helmet Catch” – was the only mistake in the season of the perfect patriot.

And was the only inauguration of the demons.

“We’ve shocked the world,” Pierce said, “but not us.”

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