The QB history of the Jets can be very different

In the week-long series, the post looks at alternative realities in New York sports. Today’s edition looks at what happened when Bill Belichick did not resign as head coach of the Jets. Here are some of the big jets from the last 30 years:

What if the Jets drafted Brett Favre in 1991?

The Jets were in favor of being the number one player on their draft board, but not the first-round pick. Fav fell in the second round, where the Jets were making the seventh pix. They had a deal with the Cardinals to extend the two spots before the Falcons, but Arizona backed up. Atlanta took the favor and the Jets took Browning to Nagle.

What if the Jets don’t fire Pete Carroll as coach?

One of his seasons as the Jets coach in 1994 was Carol went-10. After that season, owner Leon Hess fired him after the Eagles had barely removed him, after he fell in love with Rigg Coyote. There was a catastrophe in crores. Carol won the National Championship at USC and a Super Bowl with the Seahawks.

What if I don’t go to Peten Manning School?

The Jets had their first pick in 1997 and had just hired Bill Parcel as coach. Manning was expected to leave Tennessee after his junior year and the Jets would accept him, setting their franchise for the next decade. Instead, he stayed in Tennessee for his senior year and traded the Jets No. 1 pick.

What if Benny Testeward wasn’t injured in 1999?

The Jets came to the AFC Championship in 1999 and were set for a Super Bowl run in ’99. But the 35-year-old quarterback was caught in a left-handed Achilles tender as he tried to recover in a single post in the first 1 of the week.

What if the Jets drafted Russell Wilson?

Jets senior staff executive Terry Broadway wanted the Jets to take the Wisconsin quarterback in 2012 so bad that his nickname was around the “Russell Broadway” building. The Jets got stuck with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tabo. Wilson won the Super Bowl in his second season.

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