The reconsideration at Delhi University’s DCAC is asking people why

Delhi University has removed the acting principals of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC) and Sri Arvind College (Evening). Most of the senior teachers in the colleges have been appointed as temporary replacements.

Dr. Anuradha Gupta has taken over as the Principal of the Department of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University.

University of Delhi

As per the order issued by the university, Rajiv Chopra, who was appointed OSD (Officer on Special Duty) of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, had expired long ago and was therefore sent back to his father’s college. Chopra was appointed OCD for six months in October 2014 and completed more than six years as OSD.

The order said, “The chairperson of the management committee of the college / representatives of the university are requested to temporarily delegate the responsibility of principal to the senior most teacher of the college who meets the minimum qualification requirements for the post of principal of the college.”

In a similar development, the university administration has also removed Bipin Agarwal, the acting principal of Sri Arvind College. According to the report, Promod Mishra, a senior official of the university, who was elected as the treasurer of the university, resigned from the post and thus the effectiveness of the university became ineffective.

Dr. Anuradha was an Associate Professor at DCAC and holds a Doctorate in Authentic Mathematics.

The removal of executive chairpersons among Twitter users caused frustration when someone tweeted about the development. Many simply ask ‘why?’ And others said no one knows why all the important events happen on Sunday evenings.

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