The success of Pankaj Tripathi has a curious connection with God!

Acclaimed actor Pankaj Tripathi has a funny story of his struggling days when he used to audition a lot for work. The National School of Drama graduate remembers that during his struggles he would go to random cast offices with pictures for auditions.

Wanted a reference, and he would say, “war god ji”. “The creator and ultimate reference of all – God. I never had a reference and I didn’t know anyone. After a few frustrations I realized that no one verifies the veracity of the reference. It is an unofficial norm that people have long held. I decided to take God’s name and to my surprise I started to take part! “

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Pankaj Tripathi still believes that it was God who brought him into the industry. “A year ago someone saw my ambiguity and by then I had already done a few memorable scenes. I still believe it’s God who led me into this industry. I’m not far from the film world. I had no references and I didn’t know anyone. But the way the universe was conspiring to make things happen kept the door open for me, “he added.

This is a great journey for Pankaj. “It has been a dream journey so far and I will be forever grateful to God. If anyone asks me for a reference right now, I will say heart to heart. It is always effective!” He said.

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