The title of the next film of Mahesh Babu and Parashuram leaked; Impressed fans

Maheshbabu’s craze among fans in the South and around the world cannot be explained in words. He has always been that charming prince for many of his female fans.

Mahesh is currently working hard to run a few kilos in the gym and to take shape in his next film, which will go to the floor post lockdown. Mahesh has confirmed that he will be working with Banshi Paidipli again, but the script is not ready yet and so the director is still working on it.

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Mahesh’s next jolt

Meanwhile, Mahesh Gita Govindam has agreed to do a picture with the famous Parashuram and hopefully, the project will go off the floor somewhat soon. Well, the details about the cast and crew have not been revealed yet.

Long before the formalities begin, there are rumors about the title of the film. According to rumors, Sarkar is the title of the heavy-duty film and if it is true it seems to be really strong. So far, however, no official confirmation has been received from sources close to the producers or the actor, so nothing can be believed.

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Based on the success of Sarileru Nikeshwar, which has become a blockbuster, Mahesh’s fans are waiting to know more about his upcoming projects. Also, with the announcement of his collaboration with Rajamouli Mahesh, now all eyes are on this combination. The Spider actor has several bugs in his catfish and is going to release them one by one.

On the other hand, news has come that Mahesh is going to launch an OTT platform of his own, and its name will be Sigma. A confirmation is awaited.

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