The video shows police appearing, George Floyd fighting in the midst of an arrest

New footage shows George Floyd being shown in a violent fight with police in a squad car before he died after being knee-jerked to his neck for about nine minutes.

Clip – Posted on Saturday By Controversial Activist Shawn King – Shown as a Minneapolis officer leaning inside the back left passenger door, apparently fighting with Flood after his arrest for trying to use a fake ফ্ল 20 bill.

Derek Chauvin – an officer accused of murdering Floyd by shaking his neck saying “I can’t breathe” – is seen running to the right of the car as the Memorial Day clip ends.

This is where 46-year-old Floyd was finally thrown to the ground in what is now a viral clip that sparked protests across America.

“It’s all coming together. George was getting into a police car outside Floyd,” King insisted in the clip.

“One keeps an eye, the others attack him.”

Four Minneapolis officers were fired. Chauvin – who was involved in three police shootings during his 19 years in the service – was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree genocide.

Floyd’s family said in a statement with their attorney, Ben Cramp, that they “expected first-degree murder charges.”

“We want first-degree murder charges. And we want to see the other officers arrested, ”the statement said.

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