The videos show crowds at the Long Island bar despite the coronavirus being off

A Long Island bar plunged into hot water after explicitly allowing dozens of customers inside the organization to drink in violation of the state’s coronavirus shutdown.

Videos posted on social media show music playing on Friday night as well as lots of masked people inside the Dublin Deck Tiki Bar and Grill in Patchogo.

“Everyone’s thirsty, let’s go!” Someone is heard screaming Clip one, The crowd of people splashed behind the beer at the bar.

“Finally normal again!” A bizarre scream.

Suffolk County police received multiple 911 calls Friday night for not complying with Andrew Quimo’s “pass” order, but said no summons had been issued. Reported on Newsday.

Reporters on Saturday apologized in a Facebook post saying they would push forward the rule of social distance. The Facebook page has been deleted.

Read the post published in Newsday, “We apologize to anyone who may be offended by the videos published,” read the post. “We assure you it was not intended and will not be.”

Co-owner Frank Mills claimed that patrons were allowed inside during the “rapid rains”. Most of those boats were parked in the surrounding marina who were ordering to go for food, he said.

“Everyone decided to run inside without rain and they overwhelmed us,” Mills told the outlet. “It was easy. It has never happened before and it will never happen again. ‘

Mills added that they treated the crowds inappropriately because they were itching to socialize.

“Everyone jumped. We did what we were supposed to do, “Mills said.” You can call it whatever you want, but they’re quick to do anything. “

At a news conference Sunday, Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top aide, called customers’ actions “stupid.”

“From what I understand, the photos show that people were in this place and they were not wearing masks. That’s stupid. Foolish for you, it’s foolish for the patrons around you, it’s foolish for the bar, ”Derosa said.

DeRosa noted that the water hole said it was only sheltering from the rain, and that it was enforced into the hands of Suffolk County police.

“I agree with them that this is what happened, but they should keep an eye on them going forward, and it’s up to the locals to re-apply.”

Kuomo added: “It’s supposed to be a carbide pickup, isn’t it? It doesn’t sound like a carbide pickup.”

Suffolk Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said police responded this time, with about 85 percent of customers cleared.

The Cops said they followed the establishment over the weekend and other successful county businesses.

Dublin Deck did not immediately return calls from the post on Sunday night.

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