Tiger Shroff discusses his fears about heights in his latest Instagram post

Often when we think of Bollywood heroes. We don’t think everyone should be afraid. But real life is a bit different. So it’s only fair that Tiger Shroff is also scared, even though we see him doing impossible stunts on screen.

Tiger Shroff has fears of heights and he last talked about it in his Instagram post. He told her about his fears and what he did when he was in a position where he needed to be confronted.


Tiger Shroff talks about his fears about heights in his latest Instagram post

Tiger Shroff has set himself a high standard when it comes to action. We have seen him perform stunts that are impossible for the average person. So, naturally, we don’t think there’s much more to him in phases in real life. Like every human being, however, the actor also has his own fears.

There was a time when what took you away from what you achieved on screen took away your fear. In his latest Instagram post, this young Bollywood actor talks about his fears about height.

He posted a picture of himself while diving in the sky, captioned the post, “I always keep my eyes closed whenever I’m there … Anyone else scared from heights?”

Tiger Shroff was active on Instagram during the lockdown and was sharing glimpses of his safety and was part of Akshay Kumar’s song Muskurayega India. A few days ago this actor completed 6 years in the industry with his movie Hiropanti.

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