TLC’s ‘rebel’ recovery: ‘Snagle party,’ boyfriend’s trouble

Co-produced by The Post, TLC’s “satirical” follows several twin mothers and daughters who push the boundaries of what it means to be close.

The second season (broadcast from 10 a.m. Sunday) introduces Floridian Mary and Brittany, who showered together; Marcia and Alena, who lick each other in the morning; And now Laurie and Sarah.

Here’s a breakdown of episode 3, “Date Night for Three”. Spoilers ahead!

Cher and Don

It’s the New York Cher, 29, and Don, 59, baby. , And Don wants a natural birth like his. Char’s husband Jared disagrees and is dissatisfied that Don is pressuring him.

This week, Cher is facing contractions and things are exciting as they wait around their apartment – the time of his contractions until he goes to the hospital. Since Don Cher helps it, Jared gets the petulant. “I want to be the one who supports Cher in any difficult moment, but Don wants to be by his side,” he complained. “I just hope you don’t do it at the hospital in the morning.”

Ever since Don gave birth in a car, everyone has been anxious to get to the hospital on time. Will they make it? Will Don get in Jared’s way? We need to find out in the next episode.

Mary and Brittany

After last week’s mother-daughter colon cleanse, 55-year-old Floridian Mary and 19-year-old Brittany are ready to celebrate and celebrate Britannia’s graduation from school to become a correctional officer. Brittany is worried since she underwent weight loss surgery, and many of her friends who came to the party will see her new look for the first time.

As soon as Mary’s friends arranged and set up the event, Brittany began to cry. It’s his crush, Zach has shown that he’s only interested in being friends with Benefits. Mary expressed concern that she had not given Brittany positive male influences since all her access had cheated with her. Meanwhile, Merrick’s kind husband – who cheated on her – is still in trouble with Frank

“They’re very close,” he told the camera, referring to Mary and Brittany’s bond. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m … hoping for a change

Mary and Brittany
Mary and BrittanyTamara Beckwith / NY Post

Cathy and Christina

Success! Cathy (, 1) and Christina (35) – the Chicago pair of season 1 – have spent their season 2 campaign to get Christian’s husband Carlo with their plans. Although Christina and Carlo’s house is being rebuilt, they want to move Christina’s family with Kathy.

Finally, after pulling his leg, Carlo agreed. But there is some caution in staying with her mother-in-law: “I want to be free to do what I want,” he said. If Carrie interferes so much with Carlo and Christina being on a movie night, she will reverse her decision and they will no longer be able to stay with Kathy.

Sanhe and Angelica

Affection, 52-year-old Affection and 32-year-old Angelica have spent this season in conflict with Angelica’s fiance, Jason. He is not completely divorced from his ex. Angelica accepts it but Sunhe does not accept it. “I tried to show Angelica that she deserved more than what she was getting from Jason,” she says.

After weeks of pressuring Jason to start his life without hanging over his ex-head with Angelica to sign his divorce papers, Sanhe hijacks the process and pulls in a surprising opposite: he offered to sign the papers as a witness. , But then delays signing.

Angelica says, “I have no idea what to say to my mother right now, completely shocked and upset. Sanhe, in the meantime, the content is under her control.

Lorry and Sarah

This episode introduces a new Florida pair: Laurie, 59, and Sarah, 25. Since Laurie has a variety of health problems, including diabetes and chronic kidney disease, the role of their dynamics has changed in which Sarah behaves like her parents. “That’s why you need 24-hour surveillance,” he told his mother onscreen.

The pair also have an interest in “snagle parties” at bedtime and Sarah uses these bonding moments to appreciate her mom’s natural scent, it seems. “I’m a very anxious person, but all my worries or anxieties go away when I smell my mom,” she says. “If I could pick up what my mother smelled, I’d describe it as a cloud.”

Sounds dreamy but let’s leave out the health issues, their main conflict is Sarah’s boyfriend, Miguel. Sarah and Miguel bought a house together but they are not hired and Laurie is upset that they are doing everything right. She was also worried that her health problems meant Miguel would not be able to attend their wedding if he waited too long. He told Sarah that he wanted to put pressure on Miguel to make the offer. “I want to give you your fantasy dream wedding,” she says.

How would Miguel respond to this? Time will tell.

“Satire” airs on TLC on Sunday at 10am

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