‘To this day I have not been offered a bold role’: About Digital Debut Through Minissa Lamba Casak (Exclusive)

Remember this cute and petite actress Minissa Lamba, best known for her role in Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. (200)), Bachchna A Hasino (2006), Well Don Abba (2009), and Veja Fry 2. He made an impression on a few more television shows like Bigg Boss and Tenali Ram. The actress has entered the digital space with the upcoming web-series ‘Kasak’ of Ullu app.

International Business Times, India Chat with an explicit chat exclusively Minisha Lamba. The actor spoke at length about his digital debut, if he felt comfortable showing the obvious scenes on-screen, whether he wanted to cut salaries if necessary, and made any actor’s job uncertain.

So sit back and read:

Interview parts:

Minisha Lamba

When giving four on the web with ‘Kasak’,

When I heard Cassack’s script, I was really inspired by it and I prepared a key part of Cassack for the play. Talking about my character I am playing the role of Minal, she is an upper-middle class Gujarati girl. She is a social worker and how an event changes her life is what the show is all about.

The Owl app is known for such bold and clear content, will we see Minisha play a bold role?

When doing bold scenes,

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I’m not doing it or my character doesn’t even demand me to do it. As I am often told, ‘I don’t play a bold character’. Honestly, I haven’t been given any daring roles to date.

To keep yourself away from personal and media glimpses,

That’s not the case, I just don’t like to overdo things. There are a lot of actors who make fun videos to entertain themselves and the fans and I respect them for doing it. But I like to keep my own things.

Social media squabble over #tiktok ban,

Well, all I can say is that the whole political campaign has taken a different path. Tick ​​tock is a medium for entertainment, people make videos and entertain. The whole application for this is to exclude a Chinese application even if it is not a matter of discussion when other things in the world cause problems.

After the shooting started, the actors cut their salaries,

Staying on the show is not very easy, your source of income depends only on the paycheck you get after a month of hard work. There are times when you don’t work, sometimes you have work and you don’t get the response you need. Being on the field comes with uncertainty. So when you decide to become an actor you must be mentally prepared that there are some things besides the glamorous field that are adaptable and very consistent. And having a side business, or anything other than acting, will just be enough to keep you in a comfortable position.

Adding more:

We all have to adapt to it when the things that open everything are different and call it the ‘new common’. The number of digital media and subscriptions has increased and will start to shoot for TV and the web. It will take some time for the theaters to kickstart as the movies are released line dup. All actors must endure the condition and be positive. Until the vaccine is created and things get different until the coronavirus has time to heal, we all need to be vigilant and understand the new changes.

His career options,

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, I think it’s empowering enough. That’s why I had a relationship with the character of a journalist that I played in the victim film.

Upcoming projects,

So far, so good, my new web show, Casak. I’ll be in a position to share when things reopen.

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