Trash talk will take Woods-Manning vs. Mickelson-Brady to epic level

Regardless of the outcome of the match or the quality of the golf games, the charity showdown between the features of Tiger Woods and Python Manning and Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady on Sunday can be fun and great.

All in all, a great golf course, featuring live golf featuring the biggest stars of this generation in medalist golf and football, which made it a proud member as one of the members of the PGA Tour … and it is going to raise about 10 10 million for COVID-19 relief.

Add that outside of the sporting elements of Brady and Manning, playing golf with Woods and Mickelson should be authentic, raw entertainment.

It adds an automated recipe for all the success.

Did you know that will make the dish even more delicious, though?

Some enthusiasts, if salted, are banners among the four players, each of whom will be the mic up for the match.

The Ricky McLaughlin and Dustin Johnson match between Ricky Fowler and Matthew Wolf, if there could be any complaints about last Sunday’s Cavid-19 relief charity match, the make-up banner was surprisingly flat.

When Woods and Mickelson confronted each other in that mano-a-mano 9 million winner-take-all match in November 2018, the two players became micked, but the back-to-back entertainment was more awkward than entertainment – especially as Mickelson back nine. And Woods crushed to stay in the match, leading to a clam up.

Tiger Woods, Python Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson posed for a photo for Saturday's practice round in preparation for their Sunday match.
Tiger Woods, Python Manning, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson posed for a photo for Saturday’s practice round in preparation for their Sunday match.Getty Images for the match

The weeks and days leading up to Sunday’s match may indicate that there are some colored needles in the medal list.

Mickelson, after all, carries a sharp needle to the PGA Tour, and Manning was highly underrated for his joke appeal, successfully hosting “Saturday Night Live” that day and currently hosting the entertaining “Pitton’s Place” shorts ning ESPN.

Woods is more caring with his barbs, but has a small way of getting across his points. Of the four participants, Brady appeared to be probably the most serious, so his contribution to Banter is less certain.

What is certain is Phil Mickelson Primed.

In an interview with The Post last week, he specifically scolded Woods for jumping out of his skin on the phone with his smack talk.

“I’m interested in going to the Tiger Home course,” Mickelson said. “He insisted on doing it in his home course. He was not happy to lose for the first time [in Las Vegas]. And he wanted to win badly the second time, so everyone wanted to play somewhere else and he insisted we would do it on his home course. It just inspires me and Tom more to go to his home course and beat him up.

“Tiger thinks he has a huge advantage playing there. That’s fine. We’ll take it to her and Payton and there will be no excuses. Tom and I are getting down there and leaving them. We will make it so that every time Tiger appears on his home course, he has a bad memory. “

Mickelson is embracing the fact that he and Brady are betting players.

“We should be absolutely underdogs,” he said. “We’ll go to the Tiger Home Course and you’ve got a peton [two] Fewer shots than Tom during his interception. … So absolutely, should take their side, but it inspires Tom and me even more. When we have power over them, they will have no excuse. “

In a recent TV interview with four players to promote the show, when Mickelson talked about his 9 9 million win in Vegas, Woods got up from his chair and brought the green jacket from the fifth Masters win (Mickelson has three) and jokingly used it as a blanket.

Let’s hope more for this Sunday. Mickelson is ready to deliver it. Hopefully Woods will come up with his sharp language.

“Phil is enriched by smack-talking repertoire,” golf channel analyst Brandel Chambell told The Post last week. “He likes to get into needles, so I doubt Phil is the biggest needle.”

As woods?

“I’ve always been surprised to see Tiger, listen to him and even play against him all my life,” said Chamby. “He’s not really a smoker. He has been very humble. The tiger has never had a needle. “

Hopefully, Woods and the rest of the players will use the index liberally on Sunday. It will only add to the statistics as a fun watch already.

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