Trump and Xi Jinping are leaning towards the breaking point

Last summer, Trump promised Chinese President Xi Jinping that they would remain silent on an anti-democratic move in the region when they are negotiating a trade deal, even though he has signed it. A new prohibition law Possibly targeting Chinese and Hong Kong officials. In November, Trump said he stood by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong – but “I stand with President Xi, he is my friend.”
Things are different now that Trump has identified China as a scapegoat for an epidemic that has killed nearly a million Americans. “They all came from above. They could have easily stopped the plague, but they didn’t.” He tweeted last week. Leaning against anti-China sentiment, his administration has called the controversial new protection law “disastrous,” and the Hong Kong Congregation is leaning toward a break with Trump in the wake of hitting the streets.
As the threat of a new Cold War grows, two questions arise: First, how long has Trump’s friend been consistent with C with his all-out attack on Chim? Second, does the president still see the trade deal as a critique of his re-election expectations? Calling on Congress to take firm action, the United States will shape its answers on how to move toward Hong Kong. One final approval remains in Trump’s arsenal: the denial of Hong Kong’s special U.S. trade status, which could reduce its role as an international financial center.

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