Trump follows his political passions as the landmark death toll rises to 100,000

Yet, and perhaps because of his former equestrian attitude, Trump mourned all but the tragic roll call of death over the long holiday weekend – as well as finding time to claim. “Great review“To manage the crisis.
He highlighted his tax returns, Hillary Clinton, Fox News, condemnation and Russia’s investigation against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Joe Biden’s mental health, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the November mail-in vote and his dangerous and unproven Covid campaign. Therapy he tested himself.

In the midst of the Twitter rupture, a masked Trump presided over the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery and tweeted a promotional-style video celebrating his leadership.

“As long as our flag flies in the sky above, the names of these fallen warriors will be woven into its threads,” he said in an ongoing speech at Fort McHenry.

“As long as our citizens are willing to follow their example, carry their burdens, carry on their legacy, the cause of America will never fail and American freedom will never die.”

Yet the unification of written loneliness and patriotism made Trump’s outburst of rage seem even more surreal on Twitter, and over the weekend he emphasized how impossible it was to avoid himself even on Americans ’social media feeds. In fact, the North Carolina Democratic Govt., Long after Trump returned to the White House on Monday afternoon. Roy came back criticizing Cooper.

A surreal glimpse into the mind of a president

Three years after Trump deliberately trampled on the President’s normal codes of conduct – partly to show supporters that he is an elite anti-foreigner, none of which is surprising.

However, this does not mean that it is not a shake-up, as the country’s war against the epidemic has reached its deadliest moment so far, with the death toll rising in 18 states, stabilizing at 22 and easing at 10. More than 98,000 people in the United States have now died from the coronavirus and more than 1.6 million have been infected. More than 300 million Americans have lost their jobs and unemployment rates have plummeted.

In 50 years, Trump’s weekend Twitter explosions can be seen as a startling document of the presidency that is more personal than ever, and a relentless battle with the media and its growing political enemies.

At this stage there was very little evidence of deeper meaning than personal and political allegations to his president. Missing for a possible second Trump term is a more obvious policy framework. And without the relentless push to support the country’s aggressive opening, for example, Trump seems less interested in how he can safely perform the job in the new demand to open schools – in addition to the CDC’s hand-washing advice – than his boiling political controversy.

No White House can be fully prepared for this year’s epidemic catastrophe and the subsequent economic slump. But it’s hard to imagine any previous party fighting the same propaganda of denial, scattering and misinformation.

The most obvious administrative action of the weekend, for example, was the congressional report on the epidemic – which removed responsibility for testing and tracing operations that experts say criticized states. However, the report did not include a pledge from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send 12.9 million swabs used for coronavirus testing in June.

Trump put a mark on the Republican conference

Trump spent most of Memorial Day, fully accusing Cooper, alleging that the North Carolina governor was unable to “guarantee” the conference hall in August. To depict a state and economy, the president is determined to appoint full patronage of the convention season, which he calls a “transformation into glory.” His ambitions appear to be a refusal to wear a mask in public for refusing to wear his mask in public from the same mentality.

If Democrats hold a nice social distance conference or put most of the events online in such a way as to deprive the supposedly Democratic nominee Joe Biden of his big moment in front of a huge crowd and primetime TV audience, this comparison can be noticeable.

Trump's Memorial Day weekend golfing in epidemics, tweeting conspiracies and insults

Yet it seems totally incompatible with fantastic real-world events like the Republican Conference. Sports teams that use such arenas expect to play without fans in a bio-protected environment for at least a few months. The prospect of thousands of delegates from across the country, including coronavirus hotspots, coming to the conference city is a huge headache for the organizers. After delegates spend a few hours or days together, they may return home to cause a new outbreak.

“Unfortunately, the Democrat governor, @RaiCupernC is still in a shutdown mood and can’t guarantee that we’ll have a full presence at the arena by August,” Trump tweeted Monday.

“In other words, we’re going to spend a lot of time building the arena to see if the Democratic governor will let the Republican Party take full place.”

Cooper told CNN last week that the conference would be treated like any other event and that decisions would be made on the basis of advice, data and science from health officials.

It was not immediately clear whether Trump and the Republican National Committee were serious about pulling the conference from Charlotte. Elsewhere, the possibility of such a huge event or organizer falls into this late stage – especially other big cities and regions are also battling the virus.

But as the state of Tar Hill becomes an important battleground in November, Trump could gain political advantage in base-based campaigns against local Democrats.

North Carolina reported the biggest spike in its case on Saturday, although in the case of each state it is sometimes difficult to say whether such an outbreak increases the likelihood of a growing epidemic or trial. It is not one of the worst affected states, with deaths rising again in recent days.

Trump insults Obama for golf fix …

The nature of Trump’s soap opera was also reflected this weekend in protest of his decision to play golf for the first time since March at his Virginia Golf Club.

Debates with presidents and their travels on links have become a tedious affair, with parties taking sides according to who is in power.

“To get out and maybe to get some practice, I told some stories that I play golf on the weekends. Fake and totally carpet news sounds like a fatal sin,” Trump tweeted, alleging that Obama flew his annual golf course when he often played Force Hawaii to vacation.

The real check: Obama spent a lot of time in golf clubs at the same time as Obama

Trump has used federal resources more than once to fly to his resorts and golf courses. These two points of Trump hit critics as inappropriate during this weekend of national criticism on the national Wikipedia and when Americans thought his war was dead.

Biden wrote in a tweet with an online ad on Saturday, “Nearly 100,000 lives have been lost and millions left jobless. Meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing.”

The long-running debate over golf and presidents raises the question of whether presidents should keep clubs away and wear other hobbies during their four or eight years in office, or whether they have the right to enjoy some free time from the White House bubble, for example President George W. Bush After the Americans went to war, he decided not to play golf for fear of poor optics.

Trump can’t face such criticism if Obama’s afternoon on the golf course isn’t blown away – and if he’s elected president, he won’t have time to play golf anymore.

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