Trump threatened to remove the Republican convention from North Carolina

Trump argued that Cooper was unable to “guarantee” that the arena could be full of power.

“I really like North Carolina’s Great State, so I insisted on holding a Republican National Conference in Charlotte at the end of August,” Trump said in multiple tweets. “Unfortunately, the Democrat governor, @RaiCupernC is still in a shutdown mood and can’t guarantee that we will have a full attendance at the arena by August. Let me know if you can do it. “

He went on to say, “Thousands of enthusiastic Republicans and others are planning to travel to North Carolina in August. They will have to give the governor an immediate answer as to whether the space will be fully approved. All the work and economic development at the Republican National Convention site.” With this we will be forced to look involuntarily Thank me not to thank you, and I love the people of North Carolina! “

The tweets completely blinded party officials and those involved in the conference planning, who repeatedly argued that health and safety would come first. Officials insisted that plans for the conference were underway.

But Vice President Mike Pence echoed Trump on Monday, telling Fox News that the convention could be moved “if necessary” and that some states could be given a list of alternatives.

“That’s what we’re talking about, because these national conferences literally take months to organize and prepare, and there are different states across the country – we think of Texas, we think of Florida, Georgia, the last two states that I last visited.” That week saw tremendous progress in rebuilding their communities and reviving their economy, “Pence said. Says.

Pence said Trump’s Cooper’s request was “extremely reasonable.”

“We all want to be in Charlotte, we love North Carolina, but because of the rules and regulations involved, it’s important to have an idea now and we’re looking forward to working with Gov. Cooper, getting a quick response and, if necessary, taking the national conference to a state.” Which is further away with the resumption and can confidently say that we have to gather there Can, ”he said.

The Republican National Committee and the Convention did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment or discuss the possibility of another location for the question. A Trump campaign official mentioned the issue to CNN in the president’s tweets and vice president’s comments, and declined to respond to CNN’s investigation into the propaganda that began Trump’s tweets.

Despite the president’s call for a “guarantee” from North Carolina, the advice addresses the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus’ summer time.

Cooper, who is due to run for re-election in November, announced last week that he would move on to the next step in plans to reopen restaurants, barber shops and salons with limited space on Friday evening, while gyms, bars and movie theaters will be closed.

Cooper and Charlotte Democratic Mayor V Lills both said their proposals and decisions about the conference would be driven by science, not politics. Businesses see the conference as a potential lifeline after more than two months of economic turmoil.

“It’s not political. It’s not sensitive. It’s based on health experts, data and science, and it’s for everyone to see,” Cooper told CNN. “No one is being discriminated against or disliked more than others.”

The Republican conference, which will be held in the same suburb where President Barack Obama accepted his nomination for a second term in 2012, is of uncertainty as party officials decide how to run for president during a public health crisis.

Cooper said the Republican rally would be considered like any other big event and it remains unclear whether the concert or the NFL will return and fall this summer. Public gatherings are still limited to 10 by order of the governor, with additional stages of reopening still to come.

Last month, GoP chairman Rauna McDaniel told reporters that the Republican National Committee, Trump’s campaign and the host committee were moving “completely steam” ahead of the convention plan, but Coronavirus would assess whether the situation would need to be resolved in late June or early July.

“We don’t think at the moment that we should move towards any alternative plan, but of course we will monitor the situation and adjust accordingly,” he said in the briefing. “We’re not going to have a virtual conference,” McDaniel added.

It is not yet clear what the Adjusted GOP Convention might look like and how social distance guidelines will be followed in the coming months. A “traditional theological conference” officially turned one thousand supporters, including party chiefs, into an arena during the nomination process.

Trump’s tweets have come under fire just hours before he spent the weekend golfing at his club in Virginia and hours before preparing to celebrate Memorial Day by taking part in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Fort McHenry, Baltimore.

This story was updated with additional developments on Monday.

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