Trump’s reluctance to wear face masks sends deadly message (Opinion)

The article is a frustrating analysis that revolves around the far right corner, where all sorts of bizarre, anti-scientific, anti-establishment ideas challenging America’s resistance to democracy seem to be growing like a bacterial culture.

Of course, Trump had to broaden it to his millions of followers.

It was little important that Trump commented with the wind, “So many different perspectives!” As if the ratings of a pro-Trump publication claim that the ongoing epidemic has swept hospitals in the United States and around the world, In quantity A “fiction that we’re in an emergency.”

Again, Trump surprised himself with the emergency public health measures proposed by members of his administration, sending mixed signals for no reasonable purpose.

The country is divided between believing wearers and anti-face masks, and the president has, unbelievably, emerged as the leader of the opposition to take a simple step to slow down the epidemic. Refusing to wear a mask has become akin to wearing a MAGA hat, a sign of pro-Trump bias against the establishment, but it will prolong the crisis, cause more deaths and make it harder for the economy to recover.

New York, Govt. Andrew Kuom signed an executive order Allow businesses to ban those who refuse to wear masks. “You don’t want to wear a mask, subtle,” Quimo said, “but you have no right to go to that store unless the owner of that store wants you.”
Masked opponents are portraying the issue as a serious question of independence. The claim is out of the question. The nineteenth-century philosopher John Stuart Mill, an apostle of individual freedom, in his famous writings In the Liberty essay, “The sole purpose for which any member of the civilized community can be properly applied against his will is to prevent harm to others.”

Wearing a mask to keep the germs from spreading to others is a request for humility. As a violation of freedom, it is only the softest of snowflakes – or the most sensitive to lies.

This is not America I want to go to my own kids

Using his megaphone not to call the country to unity and determination, but to quell the urgent call of public health experts, Trump has not only helped to erode confidence in the government, which has made people more reluctant to follow his advice, and most of those involved face masks. The authors of conspiracy theories have dedicated their lives to learning how to prevent disease.

Over the weekend, a beachgoer told CNN’s Gary Tuchman that if Trump didn’t wear a mask, he wouldn’t either. If he was watching Fox News instead of the beach, he heard Dr. Debra Barks of the White House Coronavirus Task Force say that there is “clear scientific evidence” through multiple experiments, that one mask does not prevent drops from reaching others.
Claims that masks are as small as coronavirus and do not provide any protection against the organism. False.
On Wednesday, the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fawcett, urged Americans to wear masks when going out. “Masks aren’t 100% effective, but they help protect those around us,” he told CNN. They show, he said, “respect for the other person”.
There's nothing Twitter can do about Trump, but this group can
Trump is adamant not to show up after the mask. At a news conference on Tuesday, a White House reporter refused to accept his resignation, saying he wanted to be. “Politically correct.” She too Tweets Former Vice President Joe Biden scoffs at wearing his mask in public for the first time since March Last Monday. Biden called Trump an “absolute fool” for not wearing one and said, “Presidents are not supposed to lead, be stupid and falsely be masculine.”

Why is Trump pressuring Americans not to take simple precautions? His push to reopen the business without reaching safety milestones can at least be interpreted as an attempt to recover the economy. But the mask? His influence there will only lead to more deaths, perhaps more to his supporters than to others, and will counteract his efforts to bring the country back to normalcy.

Trump is now identifying himself as Rebel-Roser, a rebel against the system, even though he is now the system. He is overseeing his 2016 role as a frustrated, anti-establishment, politically incorrect personality. This time, of course, he is working against his own interests. Trump supporters may feel the urge to wear a MAGA hat and push against those who wear masks but most Americans don’t want to get sick, die alone.

With More than 101,000 people In the meantime, most Americans think that Kovid-19 has died in the country Trump should wear a mask. They would rather be safe than following the advice of someone whose crisis they believe has failed to manage.

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