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A few months later, after a devastating Covid-19 outbreak – which killed more than 500 people a day in the city – Big Apple has officially returned to business. Monday marked the first phase of New York’s four-part reopening plan, when builders and the construction industry began work.

“It’s a winning moment for those in New York who have fought the disease,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. “My message to stick with.”

And there is evidence that the global crisis is “far from over.” The number of cornovirus cases reached the height of a new daily on Sunday World Health Organization (WHO) He warned that the global situation was “deteriorating” and that the epidemic was still in its infancy. Central America.

Although successes in limiting new infections in Europe and Asia have shown that the virus can be cured, pathologists still warn that some social distance must be maintained until a vaccine is available.

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Q: When will the Covid-19 vaccine be made available to the public?

Answer: No one is sure yet, but the goal is early 2021. Vaccines in development around the world are in various stages of testing. Dr Anthony Fawcett, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he was confident that one of the vaccine candidates would be safe and effective by the first quarter of 2021. However, it is not clear which candidate still shows the biggest promise. Holly Ian breaks down where we stand for the vaccine – Starting from development challenges Dangers posed by an instantaneous process, Companies are trying to provide a vaccine and how effective it can be.
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That’s for sure: the US economy is in recession

The The United States officially entered the recession in February 2020, Coronavirus outbreaks put an end to the longest expansion on record, stalling economic activity. Despite the recession, U.S. shares roseInvestors on the American economy are recovering rapidly from the epidemic as the bank clears 2020 losses.
But China paints a different picture That way forward. The first country to be infected by the virus – and apparently to control it – has been trying to pull itself out of a recession for more than a month after reopening.
And as more countries return to business, the financial impact of the coronavirus is inevitable. Worldwide predicts that the world will have its deepest recession in 60 years, Being contracted by 5.2% in 2020.

Shutdowns prevented 60 million U.S. cases

Large-scale shutdown policies, such as instructing people to stay home and ordering school closures, were not implemented in the United States from the beginning of the epidemic until the beginning of April, but there could be about 60 million coronavirus infections across the country. A new study Stand up. Researchers also examined the effects of measures taken by China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and France, estimating that they combined with the United States to prevent a total of 500 million infections.

Although the study did not include an analysis of the death of the Covid-19, a separate survey published yesterday also examined tolls in Europe. The study, by Imperial College London, found that lockdown measures in Western European countries had prevented the deaths of about 3.1 million people in early May.

The coronavirus came to California more than once

One New genetic research Suggests the coronavirus was carried to California by travelers several times and missed several opportunities to use state communications tracing to stop further spread.

This is a small analysis, but in some cases it helps to draw a picture of how it could turn into an epidemic – and how rapid action could spread.

Incomplete spread ‘seems rare’

It seems rare that the spread of Cowan-19 does not show any symptoms, Maria Van Kerkhov, WHO’s technical leader for the Corinavirus response, said at an event. Media briefing in Geneva yesterday.

Van Kerkhov added that incomplete cases of Covid-19 often occur in mild cases.

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Take care of yourself. This may be the last thing on your mind in the midst of a racial epidemic, a long lockdown and mass protests against racism. But in times of turmoil and uncertainty, establishing a healthy routine is more important than ever. And when you are stuck at home it is a perfect moment to start. Health experts say it’s important to create a manageable routine that you can stick to as part of a lifestyle – not overly ambitious is something you can’t hold on to. One way to do this is to start small and rely on it as you feel comfortable. Lisa Dryer has these tips You can practice from morning till night for a successful ceremony.

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“On a flight, wearing goggles can do no harm, especially if it prevents you from touching your eyes, which is a big problem.” – CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta

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